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    Danish Police Step in as Runaway Kangaroo Catches Community on the Hop

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    Despite the fact that kangaroos are not common in northern Europe, this is actually the second time the same police district has reached out for help in finding a bolted Australia native.

    Police in South Jutland have stunned the public by asking for help in finding a fugitive kangaroo that bolted from its enclosure in the township of Ansager north of Esbjerg in a tweet featuring a kangaroo's image.

    ​The police have warned locals not to pinch themselves in the arm if they actually see a kangaroo hopping across Danish countryside.

    "If you see the kangaroo jump around, we/the owner would love to hear from you," the police tweeted.

    "It's a farmer who keeps a bunch of kangaroos on his ranch. One of the animals has somehow escaped through the fencing," Mads Dammark of the South Jutland Police explained to the tabloid daily newspaper BT.

    The police also stressed that locals shouldn't be afraid once they see the exotic animal jumping past their kitchen window.

    "It's not immediately aggressive, but of course it doesn't help if you try to ram it with your car. It's like driving into a deer," Mads Dammark said, stressing that it is unknown whether the fugitive is used to petting.

    Later the same day, the police tweeted that the fugitive had "hopped back" to the owner, informing the public that it was home again and in good shape.

    "So, you cowboys can now write 'kangaroo tamers' on your CVs? It seems you are used to handling many different animal species," a user tweeted.

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    Incidentally, the same police district posted a description of a runaway kangaroo earlier this year, asking citizens for help. The "adventurous" kanagaroo was eventually captured by a neighbor.

    Yet another instance of a kangaroo on the run in the Esbjerg area happened last November, when the local police posted a photograph of a "little fair-furred kangaroo" hopping the roadside, asking its owner to get in touch.


    Upside-Down World: Runaway Kangaroo Baffles Norwegian Countryside
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