02:08 GMT19 April 2021
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    After the alleged “S***hole” remark by Donald Trump set the social media ablaze, a hole of another nature from the White House has made media headlines and Twitter’s “trending now” list.

    Eight consecutive days of rain has led to a flood of sarcasm on Twitter as a sinkhole formed on the damp lawn right at the US president’s doorstep following a week of bad weather. To conceal the mishap, the groundkeepers put a board on it and surrounded the spot with orange cones. The National Park Service has taken charge over the matter, with its press service tweeting, that the phenomenon poses no risk.

    ​The pit appeared not far from the entrance to the White House’s briefing room, making it only a matter of time before reporters shared pictures of the growing sinkhole.

    ​An avalanche of jokes on Twitter, mocking Donald Trump and his presidency, followed suit, as hashtag #sinkhole turned into another brand mark of Donald Trump’s White House along with #maga and  #covfefe.

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    Many couldn’t avoid the hell allusions.

    ​Others preferred reference to earlier viral hits about Donald Trump.

    ​There were those who chose allusions to Trump’s campaign promises “Drain the swamp” of the White House…

    ​Some speculated about First Lady Melania’s plans to escape from the White House.

    ​Twitter users also recalled a similar incident with a sinkhole that formed close to Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida last May, hinting there’s no coincidence…

    ​…and thanking Mother Earth for vigilance.



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