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    Worse Than Hitler? Danish Politician 'Sorry' for 'Unethical' Trump Comment

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    The left-wing Alternative party has been at pains to disassociate itself from the eyebrow-raising tweet by a member, who argued that US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party constituted a larger threat to humanity than Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

    Niels Aalbæk Jensen, a member of the city council of the Sorø municipality, has sparked controversy by comparing Donald Trump to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in favor of the latter.

    "Hitler did not constitute a threat to humanity. Donald Trump and the Republican Party do. They deny the threat of climate change and sabotage all actions to safeguard our survival. The Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history," Aalbæk Jensen wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

    Subsequently, several Alternative politicians disavowed the comment, suggesting that the comparison was unlucky.

    Alternative political rapporteur Carolina Magdalene Maier tweeted that although the Alternative takes climate change "tremendously seriously," the comparison with Hitler was "unnecessary and unethical."

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    Alternative climate rapporteur Rasmus Nordqvist also begged to differ. While stressing that Hitler indeed was a threat to humanity, Nordqvist suggested that counteracting climate change was dangerous for the planet.

    Even MP Roger Matthisen slammed the Hitler comment.

    "It's a really bad argument and I want to distance myself from these statements and rhetoric, which I don't support," Matthisen wrote.

    The comparison has also triggered strong reactions among Danish internet users, with some calling on Aalbæk Jensen to delete his profile and start from scratch. Others, however, reminded the politician that Internet "never forgets."

    ​"You neglect the Holocaust while drinking your turmeric latte with lactose-free organic milk," user Tommy Thailand wrote, calling Aalbæk Jensen "insane."

    After first suggesting that he was misunderstood and trying to explain that Hitler didn't constitute a fundamental threat as his actions were unlikely to have led to the entire humanity's demise, Niels Aalbæk Jensen later apologized unconditionally.

    "I apologize for the wording of my previous post, which I deleted for the same reason. Regardless of my intentions, I apologize to those who felt shocked. Nazism and climate change do not withstand any comparison," Aalbæk Jensen tweeted.

    ​Over 60 million people perished in World War II, including six million Jews and other minorities, systematically exterminated in Nazi concentration camps.

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    Last year, Donald Trump chose to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement signed in 2015 by 196 countries. The goal of the agreement hailed as historic by the EU is to hold back to global temperature rise, which is attributed to human interference.

    The Alternative is a left-leaning green Danish party founded in 2013 by breakaway members of the Social Liberal Party. Under the leadership of former Culture Minister Uffe Elbæk, it garnered 4.8 percent of the vote in the 2015 elections and is currently in opposition to the "blue" center-right government.


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