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    Aaron Schlossberg filmed harassing YouTuber Willie Morris on streets of NYC

    US Man Who Threatened to Call ICE on Workers Also Harasses White Dudes (VIDEO)

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    It turns out that Aaron Schlossberg, the New York lawyer who was filmed complaining about people speaking Spanish at a restaurant on Tuesday, previously harassed an American YouTube blogger in 2016, calling him an "ugly f**king foreigner."

    Willie Morris, the blogger who was harassed, made the connection on Wednesday as footage of Schlossberg's rant began to gain steam online.

    ​Morris' encounter with Schlossberg took place back in 2016 when both were walking the streets of New York. As the story goes, Morris and a friend were walking along, minding their own business when Schlossberg came up to them to complain that they were walking on the wrong side of the street.

    At the time of the incident, Morris, as most vloggers do, opted to whip out his camera and film the interaction. (Skip to the 2:14 timestamp to catch Schlossberg in the act.)

    ​"What country are you from? I'm going to call the police," Schlossberg says. "You don't run into people, I'm a citizen here, you're not."

    "You're an ugly f**king foreigner, so f**k you," he added, before Morris and his friend decided to walk away. Schlossberg can be heard saying in the background that "you just walked into a lawyer."

    It should be noted here that Morris is a dark-haired white man from Massachusetts.

    In an update vlog, Morris reflected on "The Aaron Schlossberg Incident," and stated that what he'd experienced is something that happens to people of color on a daily basis. He later suggested that in order to counteract such behavior, people should "show common decency to the people around you, regardless of what they look like."

    But this nugget of information is just the beginning, folks.

    After netizens were able to identify Schlossberg and his place of business, a GoFundMe campaign was launched with the aim of "countering hate and racism with the sound of music." In other words, a mariachi band will be performing "La Cucaracha" at his workplace sometime soon (the exact date hasn't been released for fear of attracting counter protests). A taco truck will also be on sight — maybe even a piñata.

    On Thursday the lawyer was filmed running away from reporters and calling police, saying that reporters were "grabbing" and "yelling" at him.

    ​Schlossberg has yet comment on the fresh rant, nor his racist tirade at the Fresh Kitchen restaurant


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