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    Pizza Time! Faulty Delivery of Passports for Russian Visa Flusters Finns

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    The unusual delivery happened in the city of Kouvula, where a local couple received an unforeseen package from the company Matkahuolto.

    The surprise of the Mustonen family was unlimited when they received a delivery with a handful of fellow Finnish citizens' passports.

    Inside the pizza box, delivered in the name of Mustonen, were about 20 genuine Finnish passports, mostly belonging to elderly citizens, according to the Mustonens. The parcel also had a cover letter in Finnish, from which it was revealed that the passports were sent for visa applications to Russia. Not a single travel agency was mentioned in the paper, the Iltalehti newspaper reported.

    After the couple informed the authorities, the police took care of the parcel within 20 minutes.

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    An indignant Laura Mustonen related the incident on her Facebook page, venting her rage over how carelessly official documents were treated. She also said that delivering passports in an unsigned pizza box through an ordinary transportation company was irresponsible.

    According to Iltalehti, no investigation of the case was launched, as the incident was classified as an error related to the human factor.

    The transport company Matkahuolto has been handling the delivery of passports from January 1, 2017. Originally founded in 1933 to operate bus stations throughout Finland, Matkahuolto also maintains a national parcel transportation service, operating 50 terminals and service points and employing a total of 700 people. Through its partners, Matkahuolto offers a network of nearly 2,000 service points.

    In 2017, a somewhat similar error (and a Russia-related one at that) occurred in Finland, when classified information about Vladimir Putin's visit was erroneously e-mailed to a resident of the city of Oulu. The police e-mail contained information on the exact time of the arrival of Putin's helicopter, as well as detailed data on the transportation routine of his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinistö.

    The Eastern Finland Police Department blamed the error on the human factor, as the mailing system used by the police automatically suggests the addresses of previous recipients. The name of the woman who accidentally received the highly classified letter turned out to have a name similar to that of the police spokeswoman, the intended recipient.

    The head of department, Taisto Huokko, later stressed that the presidents' security was not jeopardized, Iltalehti reported.


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