05:37 GMT21 June 2021
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    The game called 'Hair Nah!' was developed by US art designer Momo Pixel and is meant as an attempt to address personal space violations.

    Momo Pixel came up with a creative idea to turn her frustrating experience of strangers grabbing or stroking her long braided hair into a funny online video game that has gone viral.

    "I had it happen to me once 10 times in a day," Pixel told Associated Press. "So to some people, this game is exaggerated. But when you're the person and people are invading your space, it feels like it's all the time."

    The game is quite simple: the player's main goal is to help a black woman get from point A to B by swatting off white hands that appear from every direction and attempt to prevent her from moving on.

    The game went viral and has been met with excitement by many people.

    For instance, YouTube video blogger Chelsea Nicole told Associated Press that she found the game very funny.

    "I imagined myself in the game swatting away hands — something I wish I could actually do," she said.

    However, some people reacted to the game by saying that the whole issue was exaggerated, a statement with which the creator of the game, Momo Pixel, totally disagrees.

    "The game would not exist if there were not a problem," Pixel said. "I think oftentimes, people get upset at the result of the issue instead of getting upset with the issue."

    According to the creator of "Hair Nah!" the game might soon be turned into an app. Its message will be the same: "Respect peoples' space. Don't touch them."


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