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    US Brewing Company Preparing For Beer Production on Mars

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    The initiative is part of an experiment to produce alcoholic drinks in space and find out how certain crops react to micro-gravity environments.

    Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc., a US brewing company known for its famous Budweiser beer, is going to send barley samples to the International Space Station on December 4, according to media reports.

    Earlier in March, the corporation's representatives announced plans to become the first producer of beer on Mars amid the planned colonization of the planet in 2024.

    Scientists are trying to determine which crops will survive on the surface of the Red Planet and withstand the long flight.

    The company believes that barley that adapts quite well to arid periods and has high contents of salts in the soil could be one of them.

    The samples will be in orbit for a month and undergo several tests, after which they will be sent back to Earth for further analysis.

    Twitter users were quick to react to the news.

    This is not the first alcohol experiment carried out in space. In 2011, the Scottish Ardbeg company supplied the ISS with the samples of malt used for the production of whiskey and particles of charred oak to study the effect of microgravity on them.

    The experiment lasted almost three years and showed that the space-made whiskey is different in taste from the earth-made one.


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