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    'Bonjour Madame!' Weird Talking Webcam Freaks Woman Out (VIDEO)

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    What might sound like a tech-horror movie plot is actually a real story. A woman purchased a small internet-connected camera, which after a month began stalking her and talking to her in different languages, scaring the wits out of her.

    Living in the era of technology has both positive and negative aspects: While gadgets make our daily lives a lot easier, cyber criminals sometimes take advantage of our technology dependence and make our worst digital nightmares come true. Rilana Hamer from Brummen, Netherlands, learned this lesson the hard way.

    Rilana bought at a local Action discount store a small webcam, connected it to Wi-Fi and plugged it into a socket. She admitted it was very handy — the gadget could be operated from her smartphone and even had a speakerphone built in, which helped her keep an eye on her active puppy while she was away. Turns out it wasn't only the puppy that was being watched.

    "I thought I was going crazy," the woman wrote in a Facebook post. "I suddenly heard sounds in the living room. I walked up there and saw my camera move." The device turned its "eye" to her and all of a sudden, a spooky voice said "Bonjour Madame." As she moved to the left and to the right, the creepy camera followed her.

    Rilana unplugged the camera in fear and threw it in a box. Eventually, she found the nerve to turn on the device once again, but this time she was armed with her smartphone. You can see what happened next in the video below.

    Warning: the following video clip contains strong language.

    Since then, Hamer has returned the webcam to the store, and now the supplier's technical team is conducting a thorough investigation of the incident. The question is whether the problem is in the camera or in the incorrect usage of her Wi-Fi connection and passwords.

    "My privacy, my house, my personal stuff and myself… I'm scared… terrified," the woman wrote. "I'm being watched, but for how long? What did that person see from me?"


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