02:34 GMT24 July 2021
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    While it is not clear if ghosts of the past are still dogging the ex-president, social media users do remember their own (not very pleasant) impressions of the Clinton administration. The latter includes bombing Yugolasvia (for the sake of human rights, surely) and the sex scandal involving Monica Lewinsky.

    Former President Bill Clinton admitted that he had "nightmares" concerning the future of the US when he left office but added that it is "foolish wishing you can do something you can't do anymore."

    Clinton, who served as the 42nd US president in 1993-2001, was interviewed in light of the upcoming novel, The President's Daughter, which he co-wrote with best-selling author James Patterson.

    Given that one of the book's promo taglines states "All presidents have nightmares...", when asked by ITV's show "Lorraine" Ross King whether he had any, Clinton stated he was "often kept up late at night worrying" about things like Russia's potential to revert to communism while in power.

    "After I left office when I had more free time I had more nightmares thinking about what else could go wrong in our country," the former president added. 

    Clinton continued by saying that one of the things that happens to all former presidents is that "you may lose your power when you leave office, but you still are subject to the echoes of what you did with that power."

    Netizens, however, decided to make humorous suggestions as to what else the former president could have had nightmares about, or, confessed to having nightmares themselves (ironically, about Clinton in office).

    Clinton also said that as he marks his 20 years out of office this year, people come to him on the streets and thank him for his policies while in office. However, during the first "four or five years" after he left, people "would write" and say "hateful things and harass my daughter, our families," which is why former presidents keep their secret service protection.

    But all in all, Clinton stated that he has generally been "really happy."

    "I think it's a foolish thing to spend a day wishing you could do something you can't do anymore. I made a promise to myself when I was president, I wouldn't do that. It's been an eventual 20 years since I left office, I've been very fortunate because under President Bush and President Obama, I've been given a lot of chances to help," Clinton said.

    Clinton also took a moment to praise the current White House occupant, though he did not mention supporting the Biden administration.

    "I’m happy for President Biden because I think he’s fortunate to be serving at a time when the challenges meet his skill set and his state of mind," he said. 

    Clinton also moved on to blame Republicans for cancel culture.

    "The first canceling I ever went through throughout my life was the canceling that people on the right tried to do to people who weren’t," Clinton said. "Then it became tempting when the demographics changed just to go the other way, but I think if you listen to our book, criticism works better than canceling because I always listen to my critics."


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