11:16 GMT25 January 2021
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    The year 2020 has seen mysterious triangular columns appear around the globe and the Pentagon reportedly open a probe into a growing number of UFO sightings, but film of a man in a jetpack zipping around airplanes thousands of feet in the air is something new.

    After months of mystery, a pilot has finally captured video of what appears to be the famous “jetpack man” reported by several airline crews on final approach to Los Angeles International Airport.

    According to The War Zone, the video was recorded during an instructional flight from California’s Sling Pilot Academy out over the Pacific Ocean between Palos Verdes and the Catalina Islands.

    In the video posted to Instagram on Tuesday, an object that appears to be a man wearing a jetpack is spotted off the aircraft’s starboard side. According to The War Zone, the plane was flying at an altitude of about 3,000 feet.

    However, the outlet noted that jetpacks typically have very short ranges, making it very unlikely that one could make it so far off the coast and at such an altitude. Instead, they suggested it might be a drone dressed up to look like a man wearing a jetpack. However, that raises new questions, like: why would such a stunt be performed over the ocean instead of a populated area where people could see it?

    “Jetpack man” was first reported in late August by pilots in two separate aircraft on approach to Los Angeles International Airport. In that incident, the man was also spotted at roughly 3,000 feet in altitude. He was spotted a second time in mid-October in reports that mirrored the first incident. Sputnik reported the FBI had opened a file on “jetpack man,” but little else was known about the probe or the mysterious would-be Rocketeer.


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