10:30 GMT18 September 2020
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    President Trump had boasted that one million people had signed up for Saturday’s rally in Tulsa but on the day there were only 6,200 attendees. His campaign has blamed coronavirus fears, protesters and the media for its low turnout although a social media trolling stunt may have also affected numbers.

    The Trump 2020 campaign abruptly abandoned its online registrations for its Tuesday rally in Phoenix, Arizona after alleged sabotage on Saturday.

    A sign up form for the “Students for Trump” rally had been active on the campaign website until Monday when it was suddenly taken down. It was replaced by a notice asking Trump supporters to just turn up to the venue instead. 

    This move follows the President’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday in which the campaign had boasted that one million people had registered interested in the event, but only 6,200 supporters turned up on the day.

    It was reported that hundreds of teenagers on Tik Tok and K-Pop fans said they reserved tickets for the rally with no plans to show up as part of a social media trolling stunt.

    ​Another reason for the low turnout is likely due to coronavirus fears, as shortly before the rally six members of the Trump campaign had tested positive. 

    The President was reportedly furious at the low turnout and his campaign blamed protestors, coronavirus fears and the media for the small number of attendees.

    Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale told CNN news on Sunday that these “leftists and trolls” don’t know what they’re talking about or how Trump rallies work.

    However it has been reported, officials have privately admitted that the mischievous teenagers may have falsely inflated the number of sign-ups.

    According to reports, marketing experts have said that the removal of the online registration form is a sign that the spamming is continuing and that this could cost the Trump campaign massive amounts in donations as instead of building up a list of rally attendees, the database has been flooded with spam accounts.

    According to social media the trolling campaign had continued for the event in Phoenix.

    The Phoenix event is set to be held at Dream City Church and is the second rally of the Trump campaign trail since coronavirus lockdown. 

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