20:33 GMT30 July 2021
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    Joe Rogan, a comedian and host of the 'Joe Rogan Experience', is known for personal interviews with high-profile figures. The host recently attracted controversy for comments he made in previous episodes.

    Prominent online podcast host Joe Rogan has been criticised after a video emerged showing him and a fellow comedian laughing about pressuring women to perform sexual acts.

    The clip was tweeted on Wednesday and came from a 2011 episode of his podcast and began to circulate on Friday evening.

    The clip includes Rogan and Joey “Coco” Diaz talking about not allowing female comedians to go on stage unless they gave him oral sex.

    “That’s the gateway into coming to Hollywood, everybody knows that”, Diaz says in the clip.

    Rogan then asks how many girls he did this to, to which Diaz responds with the numeral "20". The podcast host then laughs out loud and claps his hands together.

    Twitter users were angered, with some saying that this kind of behaviour is why women do not ordinarily report sexual assault.

    ​Others wondered what was so funny about the matter - or whether Joe Rogan himself was funny.

    ​While people targeted the music streaming service Spotify for signing a $100 million deal with Rogan, the company responded by claiming that all shows are subject to their content policies.

    Rogan was met with some support, however, as fans said that Spotify could not "cancel" Joe Rogan.

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