10:43 GMT19 June 2021
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    Former US Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders debate each other at the CNN studios in Washington DC for Sunday's 11th presidential Democratic debate. The event is the first to feature just two candidates, the final contenders to outlast 20 fellow party opponents.

    The previous Democratic debate in South Carolina featured seven candidates on stage. Five - Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer and Elizabeth Warren have all since dropped out, following poor showings in earlier state primaries.

    The venue for the two-hour Sunday debate - which will also be televised by Univision - was relocated from Phoenix, Arizona, to Washington DC, after organizers decided to conduct the event without an audience amid the spread of the Chinese COVID-2019 virus.

    One moderator scheduled to assist at the event has chosen to step down because he was allegedly in proximity to a person who had been in direct contact with an individual who tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus, NBC News said.

    Hawaii Senator Tulsi Gabbard, while still officially a candidate,did not qualify for the 15 March event because participants must show at least 20 percent of the delegates that have been allocated to date. Gabbard has claimed just two delegates. According to the latest data, Biden has 860 delegates and Sanders 706.

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    • 02:52

      'VERY Boring Debate' - Trump

    • 02:03

      11th Democratic Debate Ends

      Biden said in the clsoing argument that "Donald Trump has exacerbated every single one of these problems, both the immediate urgent need and how we're going to hold people harmless for the damage done as a consequence of this virus. It's important we do both".

      Sanders argued that "this is a time to move aggressively, dealing with the coronavirus crisis, dealing with the economic fallout".

    • 02:01

      Sanders Mentioned Trump More Often Than Biden During Debate

    • 01:57

      Candidates Address Closing Arguments on Coronavirus Pandemic

      Sanders said that it is "a time to rethink America as a country where we care about each other" and "not a country of greed and corruption".

      Biden said it's time to "start listening to the science again".

    • 01:53

      Sanders, Biden Dodge Question On Vulnerabilities Within Their Support Base

      Moderators asked candidates about vulnerabilities in their bases of support. Both Biden and Sanders dodged the question, pointing to other voting groups they are popular with.

      "Why is it that I'm winning all those places? What's the reason? The reason is because they know I am a Democrat with a capital 'D' who believes our that base is the base of the Democratic Party", Biden said.

      "I think it's imperative that we defeat Trump. I think our campaign of a biracial, bi-generational — multigenerational grassroots movement is the way to do it", Sanders said.

    • 01:45

      Biden, Sanders Debate 'Authoritarianism'

      Bernie Sanders said that the US "must move toward democracy and human rights".

      Moderators asked to clarify whether he would condemn achievements in dictatorships, after Sanders had praised Cuban literacy programs, which Obama has also praised.

      “I have opposed authoritarianism - whether it’s in it’s in Cuba, whether it’s in Saudi Arabia, whether it’s in China or whether it is in Russia. [...]  That is my life record”, Sanders said.

      Biden argued that he was "trying to change Cuban policies" by getting them "opened up".

    • 01:31

      Candidates Address Climate Change

      Sanders suggested that the current energy system must be transition away "as quickly as possible" from fossil fuel while the US gives massive tax breaks to industry.

      Biden said that he would rejoin the Paris climate accord.

    • 01:24

      Both Candidates Argue Against Trump Migration Policy

      Biden said he would stop deportations and would eventually only deport criminals.

    • 01:21

      Viewers Miss Presence of Elizabeth Warren

    • 01:12

      Biden Claims Would Select Woman VP, Sanders Indicates Possibility

      “There are a number of women who are qualified to be president tomorrow. I would pick a woman to be my vice president”, Biden said.

      “In all likelihood, I will”, Sanders said.

    • 01:10

      First Hour Debate Focuses on Coronavirus Pandemic

    • 01:02

      Sanders, Biden Vow to Support Each Other if Other Wins Presidential Nomination

      “If Bernie is the nominee, I will not only support him, I will campaign for him [...] And I believe the people who support me will do the same thing because the existential threat to the United States of America is Donald Trump", Biden said.

      Bernie Sanders reiterated he would support Joe Biden if he wins the nomination.

    • 00:48

      Sanders Urges Voters to Check Biden's Senate Record on Youtube, As Well As the Vice President's Floor Speeches on Social Security, Veterans

      "You've been on the floor of the Senate time and time again" for cuts to social security and says he may have "changed your mind" on "but it doesn't change reality", Sanders said. Biden denied having supported cuts to Social Security.

    • 00:45

      Sanders Suggests to Cooperate With China on Coronavirus Pandemic

      "Now is the time to be working with China. They are learning a lot about this crisis. And in fact, we have to work with them. We have to work with the World Health Organization, we have to work with Italy. If there was ever a moment when the entire world is in this together, got to support each other, this is that moment", Sanders said.

    • 00:38

      Candidates Reveal Personal Secrets of Good Health Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

      Sanders said that he is "using a lot of soap". Biden said he avoids crowds and handshakes.

    • 00:32

      Netizens Support Audience Free Debate

    • 00:29

      Candidates Address Federal Reserve's Emergency Interest Rate Cuts

      According to Biden, the US economy needs a "major bailout package" that will not benefit corporations.

      According to Sanders, the wealthy are likely to weather the crisis but the majority of Americans will be hardest hit.

    • 00:26

      #SaferWithSanders Tag Hits Tops on Social Media

    • 00:24

      Sanders, Biden Claim They Would Deploy Military During Coronavirus Pandemic

      "And if using the National Guard - which is folks, I think, in New York state are already using the National Guard - that's something that has to be done [...] This is clearly, as the vice president indicated, a national emergency", Sanders said.

      "I would call out the military. Now [...] So it is a national emergency. I would call out the military", Biden said.


    • 00:21

      Biden Compares Coronavirus Pandemic to War

      “This is like a war, and in a war you do whatever is needed to be done to take care of your people”, Biden said.

    • 00:18

      Chinese Coronavirus Most-Talked Topic at Start of Debate - Media

    • 00:16

      Candidates Address Italy's Response to Coronavirus

      Joe Biden pushed back against Bernie Sanders’ argument that the coronavirus crisis demonstrates the need for a Medicare for all healthcare system. Biden stressed that Italy, which is seeing a spike in COVID-2019 cases, has a single-payer system, so its policy cannot prevent a pandemic.

    • 00:13

      Biden Misstates 'H1N1' Swine Flu Virus as 'N1H1'

    • 00:11

      Sanders Suggests He Will "Shut Up" Trump

      Bernie Sanders said that he would "shut up this president right now" as he undermines his own officials with his "blabbering" that's "confusing the public".

    • 00:06

      Democratic Debate Opens With Coronavirus Question

      "What do you say to the American people confronting this new reality?", a moderator asked.

      Joe Biden said that this "is bigger than any one of us. This calls for a national rallying to everybody move together", adding that he wanted to increase coronavirus testing.

      Bernie Sanders slammed Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic, accusing the US president of "undermining the doctors and the scientists who are trying to help the American people”.

    • 23:58

      Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Enter Stage, Greet Each Other With Elbow Bump

    • 23:56

      Majority of American Voters Support Joe Biden Ahead of Debate - Media

    • 23:44

      Hashtag ‘CancelTrump’ Trends on Twitter Ahead of Key Biden-Sanders Debate

      U.S. President Donald Trump departs after speaking during a news briefing on the administration's response to the coronavirus at the White House in Washington, U.S., March 15, 2020.

      Hashtag ‘CancelTrump’ Trends on Twitter Ahead of Key Biden-Sanders Debate

      The former US vice president and the Vermont Senator will hold an important debate on Sunday ahead of Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primaries in four states. The event will be conducted without a live audience but will be televised and streamed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
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    • 23:43

      Joe Biden Updates Presidential Promises Ahead of One-on-One Debate With Bernie Sanders

      Joe Biden Updates Presidential Promises Ahead of One-on-One Debate With Bernie Sanders

      The former US vice president - who has criticized fellow Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders - made an unexpected maneuver ahead of the upcoming Washington DC debate with the Vermont Senator.
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    Live Updates: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders One-on-One Face Off in Democratic Presidential Debate


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