16:30 GMT26 November 2020
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    A group of white orbs (whether birds, drones, or flying saucers is up for debate) was filmed flying over New Mexico. But the objects did not behave like birds, spawning conspiracy theories online.

    A weird-looking group of white objects hovering at high altitude over New Mexico in broad daylight has raised eyebrows among UFO buffs.

    The footage was filmed in the southern part of the state this month and submitted to the popular YouTube conspiracy channel MrMBB333.

    It shows eight white orbs high up in the sky. It appears from the video that they are not moving forward as birds normally do, nor do they fly in the V-pattern typical of birds. Instead, it looks like the mysterious orbs are hovering and changing positions with one another.

    Mysterious objects observed splitting in two in the sky over New Mexico
    © Photo : YouTube/ MrMBB333
    Mysterious objects observed splitting in two in the sky over New Mexico

    At some point, smaller objects appear to emerge from two of the orbs, as if they split in two. It isn’t clear from the footage where the smaller ones ended up.

    “Maybe they’re expelling something that looks like it goes towards the other one,” the blogger said. “I’ve never seen anything like this and birds don’t look like this.”

    He stopped short of suggesting what the weird orbs actually were, a suit of drones or perhaps an alien space fleet.

    One user wrote: “Considering the area is ripe with secret military installations they could be testing drone swarms or something, or maybe they’re sky divers again.”

    Another inquired: “The space programme, possibly?”

    “Very weird,” a third person said. “It’s like they are ejecting something. Exchanging energy?”

    New Mexicans are probably get used to strange things like this – after all, the state is where the Roswell incident, the most famous UFO sighting in US history, happened (the government insists that the aircraft which crashed in the incident was an Army Air Forces high-altitude balloon).

    New Mexico is said to be one of the best places in the US to spot an UFO. This year, an analysis of data from the National UFO Reporting Centre brought it to the No.8 spot on the list of states with the largest number of sightings per capita (1,308 sightings, or 62.42 per 100,000 people).

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