12:36 GMT13 August 2020
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    US President Donald Trump announced earlier in the day that Washington is withdrawing its forces that are deployed with Syrian Kurds in northern Syria, with the White House stating that Turkey is free to move forward with a long-planned military operation there.

    US House Speaker Nancy has stated that Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from Syria is "deeply disturbing".

    "This decision poses a dire threat to regional security and stability, and sends a dangerous message to Iran and Russia, as well as our allies, that the United States is no longer a trusted partner", Pelosi said.

    Pelosi continued by saying that Trump must reverse his "dangerous decision" on troop withdrawal from northern Syria.

    Earlier in the day, Trump, in a post on Twitter, threatened to destroy Turkey’s economy if Ankara does anything that the US president considers off-limits. He also said that the United States has provided massive amounts of funding and equipment to the Kurds, Daesh has been defeated, and that it is time for the United States to pull American forces out of Syria.

    Several members of the US Senate have decried Trump's move to withdraw troops from northern Syria as a betrayal of US allies in the battle against the Daesh* terrorist group, with Senator Lindsey Graham warning that Democratic and Republican lawmakers will join forces to oppose the move.

    Prior to this, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Ankara could start a military offensive in Syria to clear the border area of Kurdish militants. The White House responded that US forces would not support the operation and would withdraw from the area.

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