07:09 GMT31 October 2020
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    Rashida Tlaib will be the first Palestinian-American and "proud Muslim" to join the US Congress. She publicly supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, aimed at protecting Palestinian rights by pressuring Israel.

    "Look, I truly believe he is racist — and that's probably controversial — he is," the newly-elected Democratic representative for Michigan's 14th congressional district told Hill.TV's Jamal Simmons during a "Rising" interview. "It's in his policies, it's in his words, and the fact of the matter is that he's still our president… but it doesn't matter, I'm going to hold him accountable," she added.

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    Earlier, during an interview with The Intercept, she revealed that she is planning to lead a delegation from the US Congress to the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Tlaib's group will reportedly focus its attention on such problems as Israel's detention of Palestinian children, education, access to clean water, and poverty. So far it's unclear who will join Tlaib in her tour.

    By conducting this trip, Tlaib intends to offer an alternative perspective on Israeli-Palestinian conflict related issues. For now, the dominant perspective on the existing tensions stems from the vision of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which Tlaib considers one-sided and unfair.

    "I want us to see that segregation and how that has really harmed us being able to achieve real peace in that region. I don't think AIPAC provides a real, fair lens into this issue. It's one-sided…. [They] have these lavish trips to Israel, but they don't show the side that I know is real, which is what's happening to my grandmother and what's happening to my family there," Tlaib said in an interview.

    Tlaib's second revelation stemmed from her support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS). She became the second incoming member of Congress to express her support for the movement to censure Israeli policy after Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from Minnesota.

    The BDS movement is taboo in American politics, according to the New York Times. In January 2018, Israel published a blacklist of organizations whose representatives are banned from entering the country. 

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    The incumbent US President has been repeatedly criticized by the Democrats for his controversial race- related statements.

    Earlier Veronica Escobar, who became the first woman ever to represent Texas in the US Congress, pledged to fight Trump's "racist" migration policy, according to New Statements.

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    In late October, several days before the midterm elections, Trump tweeted a video ad, which was later called "the most racially charged national political ad in 30 years" by CNN. The ad was criticized by high-ranking politicians, including Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, who described the ad as "distracting, divisive Donald at his worst".


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