13:29 GMT +323 March 2017
    .S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks briefly to reporters between meetings at the Mar-a-lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida

    Trump Publicly Commends Putin for 'Great Move' on US Sanctions

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    Adding more embarrassment to President Barack Obama's final weeks in office, president-elect Donald Trump is now praising Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to hold off on retaliation over the new sanctions.

    Trump also asserted on Twitter that he "always knew" that the Russian president is "very smart." The tweet was then pinned to the top of his Twitter timeline, and retweeted by the US Russian embassy.

    The lack of conflict between the two leaders has already shocked many in the US, as both parties seem eager to work towards a better relationship.

    On Thursday, the US sanctioned six Russian individuals, including the head of Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate, as well as five entities. The US is also expelling 35 Russian diplomats, who now have 72 hours to leave the nation.

    Kellyanne Conway, a senior advisor to Trump, has previously called retaliation by the Obama administration “a political response” at the behest of “Team Hillary," while the president-elect himself has expressed no interest in a conflict with the Kremlin.

    On Friday, the Kremlin responded to US sanctions imposed on Thursday by declaring that they “will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen diplomacy,’” and reiterated their hopes to work toward a better relationship with the US when President-elect Trump takes office.

    “While we reserve the right to take reciprocal measures, we’re not going to downgrade ourselves to the level of irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy,” Putin announced. “In our future steps on the way toward the restoration of Russia-United States relations, we will proceed from the policy pursued by the administration of D. Trump.”


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      It was smart. Obama is on the way out, anyway, so his decisions in the Lame Duck period don’t matter to anyone.
    • Drain the swamp
      Its not obola, its the US deep state, I am afraid for Donald J Trump.
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      Syria Forever
      Something is going on. Looks like something positive. Anonymous i.e. hacked today the bilderberger. They give those creatures a year otherwise they will expose those creatures. Lets see what Don Trump and others will do against? Could be that is the reason why the he is "nice" to President Putin? Or.. Is President Putin one of those as well. Medvedev is for sure one of those as one of the bloodlines.
      Interesting times are to come...
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      double bonus
      Careful about overestimating Obama. He may just be taking direction from a pro-Hillary or Democratic group of some sort. We have to add "Administration" to this, as Obama himself is only capable of delivering pre-written speeches.

      At least Trump will be a REAL President.
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      Trump and Putin are making reasonable statements. Obama has everything in chaos because he's trying to govern past Jan. 20. It's embarrassing for a professional to respond to it without becoming part of the circus act. Obama is acting foolishly and thinks he's being clever. Both Trump and Putin have excellent responses to an awkward situation.
    • avatar
      Trump will have to do the following if he wants to win again.

      1) Modify Obamacare and control high cost of healthcare by making obamacare a affordible care, not by subsidies but By Trumps Smart
      Genius thinking(certainly not Paul Ryan confusing ideas). I think Trump has got real smarts to improve it by atleast 300 percent. I see too much waste in healthcare Industry.

      2) Take care of vetrens and modernize US Airforce and military.
      Get rid of excessive Goverment Waste here.

      3)Improved Bilateral trade this means twisting china's arm if needed.

      4)Tell China they have to respect all South China Sea parties not by bullying but by fair dealings with all nations. China has been not fair here to weak Asian partners.Otherwise introduce a TPP that helps USA.

      5) Give incentives to keep jobs here. therfore creating employment.Obamas employment numbers are not real.

      6) Provide Tuiton aide to many student struggling to pay their Tuition by lowering interest rates on Tuiton to match 30 yr Bond yield.These savings will stimulate the economy. In fact bring in some of Bernie Sanders ideas.
      A smart person knows how to embrace the best ideas from all parties.

      7) Keep the same rules for banking etc to protect. Here Obama Admin has done a fantastic job in stabilizing the market. Considering where the market was in 2009. Some regulation really help protect us. Dont Underestimate the Democrats they are not stupid.

      8) Dont be a Lame Duck President, for example if people like Paul Ryan(because Paul Ryan has said he can have a better healtcare but all I saw is very high Premiums in fact obamacare is watered down republican version of Obama real plan) or anybody for that matter tries enforce their stupid views just hand them a pink slip.

      Lastly be a President for the people or the Republican party will never be a part again.Trump you are very very samrt and have very samrt people working for you but listen to others who can help you tone down even if you dont like it. People in this world cant handle truth like you can.
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      Obumma is digging his own grave regarding his reputation...He just shows his lack of dignity as he always showed his talent for lying and being hypocrite! He acts like the frustrated globalist he is...His wife was right , there is no hope for him...
    • avatar
      Between Trump and Putin we may actually see some INTELLIGENCE in politics for the first time in 30 years! Praises to both men!
    • Baja
      he was put there to proof that the worst white president is better than black 1- told that in 2010 in HP to black manager and (hard guess) unemployed - even at the moment
    • Jonathan Fergusonin reply tocmps309(Show commentHide comment)
      cmps309, "2) Take care of vetrens and modernize US Airforce and military.

      Get rid of excessive Goverment Waste here." Am I far off in the mark in guessing Dems and Republicans prefer to 'get rid of veterans and "modernize" excessive government waste?' Unless, of course, the DNC/RNC establishment think veterans ARE goverment waste; some of the you-know-what-what-has-risen-to-the-top probably think they are... >________<
    • Jonathan Fergusonin reply toedover3(Show commentHide comment)
      edover3, Sadly, that's not even a Godwin Fail. Ask some Syrians or Iraqis if they prefer Hitler or Obama; they will struggle to answer.
    • Jonathan Fergusonin reply todouble bonus(Show commentHide comment)
      double bonus, Robbing Obama of his teleprompter is like robbing Superman of his Superpowers, or Batman of his Batmobile, or Popeye of his Spinach. One he becomes a 'regular guy' he is Kryptonite to any serious politically engaged person.
    • avatar
      Russia show it has the patience and maturity of an adult as the 'Team Hllary' is acting like an inconsistent greedy, impatient and uneducated schizophrenic spoiled brat hooked up on ritaline.
      Quite embarrassing for Obama!!!

      Russia and Trump shows there will be peace and prosperity on earth thanks to them. Thank you Mr Putin and Mr Trump, this is the best present you can make the world at this end of 2016: give hope of a better future and a nice 2017.
    • avatar
      anything to show the reality of the current potus.
    • avatar
      The ONLY issue that remains from ironing is how Congress will react, at TRUMP restoring the embassies and the personnel. TRUMP have an ACE up the sleeves.
      and the lack of response from PUTIN adm, may aid too.
      Electoral college requested same info. And determined, that U.S elections process was not harmed or challenged. Approving TRUMP for office.

      With this TRUMP may HUSH THEM.

      Thus , a great mature response. But only time will tell . MSM was MOCKING the response as, Russia knows better than THAT... Trying to poke an eye.
      And then CNN CUT with more FAKE NEWS. The POLLS of TRUMP were all FAKE NEWS.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Good for Putin not acting like a low life...... There is enough of that going around Washington lately. Putin took the high road ...... No one believes Russia had anything to do with the presidential elections. The White House and the corrupt media are looking like fools.
    • Gentle Eagle
      I always knew V. Putin was a wise man!!
    • avatar
      Syria Foreverin reply toJonathan Ferguson(Show commentHide comment)
      Jonathan Ferguson, I am Syrian. Where is the difference? I mean between Obama or Hitler? Merkel or Hitler? There is no, because the USofA and Germany are the "4th Reich" and on top you find the Vatican. The whole EUS is a crime organization and the leading criminal is to find in Rome. Europe was established for one single reason. Crime.
    • avatar
      Syria Foreverin reply toBaja(Show commentHide comment)
      Baja, what has that to do with it?? No matter white, black, yellow, pink or blue! Obama is a war criminal and has to put in front of a court martial! No different was Bush! Those are all murderers, child molesters and worse! But don't worry, those creatures in Europe are even worse.
    • Jonathan Fergusonin reply toGentle Eagle(Show commentHide comment)
      Eagle Law, The Vatican have actually opposed a lot of the wars, like Iraq and Syria. They have tried to warn European governments not to do this. But I can understand why, as a Syrian, it is so easy to hate Western political leaders. Many Europeans and Westerners more broadly know our leaders are ultimately acting out of self interest. Whether it is 'material capital' (oil money) or moral capital (virtue, glory, charisma, powers), we know (like you know all too well!) that their official reasons for doing things in the MENA are pretexts and rationalizations; their true goals are very different from their professed objectives.
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