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    George Clooney

    Dueling Fundraisers: George Clooney’s Neighbor Throws Anti-Hillary Bash

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    Pledging to reform campaign financing, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has received millions from wealthy backers. As her campaign garnered millions more over the weekend from events hosted by celebrity George Clooney, the star’s neighbor threw a fundraiser of his own for rival candidate Bernie Sanders.

    Since announcing her candidacy, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made campaign finance reform a key part of her platform.

    "We have to end the flood of secret, unaccountable money that is distorting our elections, corrupting our political system, and drowning out the voice of too many everyday Americans," her website reads. "Our democracy should be about expanding the franchise, not charging an entrance fee."

    In the meantime, Clinton’s primary run relies on millions in donations from her supporters. Lucky for her, some of her biggest advocates are Hollywood A-listers with the clout to hold highly lucrative fundraisers.

    Over the weekend, Clooney hosted two fundraising events in Clinton’s name. With an entry fee of $353,400, the celebrity raked in nearly $15 million.

    "It is an obscene amount of money," Clooney remarked to Meet the Press on Sunday.

    As limousines and police motorcades arrived to Clooney’s house, his neighbor threw his own gala. Dubbed the "99% Party," the rival fundraiser, held in support of the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, charged a mere $27 for entry.

    "Swimming pools, Movie stars, and merriment for all! This is happening right next door to Clooney’s party for Hillary!" the invitation read.

    The flyer also stressed that "no-one (will be) turned away for lack of funds."

    The 99-percenter party was hosted by Howard Gold, whose family founded the chain of 99 Cents Only stores.

    Gold handed out 1,000 dollar bills so that his guests could mockingly shower Clinton’s motorcade as it made its way to Clooney’s estate.

    It’s unclear how much money the Bernie fundraiser raised, but the point was clearly made and taken.


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