18:39 GMT23 January 2021
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    Freddie Gray's Death Triggers Mass Protests in Baltimore (63)
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    More demonstrations erupted in Baltimore, as crowds on Wednesday evening continued to express frustration with police brutality. They were joined in solidarity by people in New York, Boston, Washington DC, and other major cities across the country.

    Throughout the day, crowds in major US cities came out to demand justice for the death of Freddie Gray. In Baltimore, thousands of people attended peaceful marches throughout the city, shutting down major roadways while chanting "Indict, convict, send those killer cops to jail, the whole damn system is guilty as hell." Despite fears that the protests might turn violent in Baltimore, the situation remained peaceful as church and community leaders urged people to respect the 10pm curfew and refrain from provoking police. Meanwhile, in New York City, hundreds of people marched in solidarity with Baltimore and police arrested over 60 protesters as crowds blocked traffic. Solidarity protests also spread through Ferguson, site of the police shooting of Michael Brown last August, as well as Boston, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and other major cities throughout the US.

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    • 03:47

      Demonstrations still going strong in New York, with reports of dozens of arrests

    • 03:45

    • 02:22

      A building lit on fire Tuesday night has been lit again in Baltimore

    • 02:21

      "Being black is not a crime; same story every time" chant in Seattle protests

    • 02:19

      Protests continue in Seattle

    • 02:07

      Helicopter warns curfew is in effect in Baltimore

    • 02:03

      Baltimore curfew in effect

    • 01:58

      Baltimore curfew approaches

    • 01:49

      Baltimore protesters charge riot police

    • 01:47

      Sputnik correspondent: commotion in Baltimore

    • 01:47

      Skirmish in Baltimore

    • 01:45

      Protests continue in Minneapolis

    • 01:39

      Baltimore police prepare for the 10pm curfew

    • 01:31

      NYPD arrest protesters in Time Square

    • 01:21

      Solidarity protesters march through Ferguson

    • 01:20

      Protests begin in Ferguson

    • 00:55

      Justice for Freddie in DC

    • 00:52

      Freddie Gray protests spread to Seattle

    • 00:49

      DC officials reportedly pulling police and emergency personnel out of Baltimore

    • 00:46

      Massive protests in Minneapolis

    • 00:44

      New York protesters march through Times Square

    • 00:38

      Solidarity march through New York

    • 00:36

      Protesters block Holland Tunnel in New York

    • 00:35

      March through Monument Circle in Indianapolis

    • 00:30

      Chicago police reportedly prepare for planned protests

    • 00:28

      Chants of "racist cops have got to go" in front of the White House

    • 00:24

      New York protesters lie in the street

    • 00:22

      Solidarity marchers in DC

    • 00:18

      DC protesters in front of City Hall

    • 00:06

      Protesters move through Minneapolis

    • 00:03

      Peaceful protests continue in Boston

    • 23:58

      18 new arrests in Baltimore, according to Commissioner Anthony Batts

    • 23:56

      NYPD arrests continue

    • 23:51

      Protests continue through Washington, DC

    • 23:45

      Sputnik correspondent in Baltimore: peaceful protesters continue to chant

    • 23:40

      Baltimore protests underway at Penn Station

    • 23:38

      Chaos as NYPD makes arrests

    • 23:31

      NYPD reportedly arresting protesters

    • 23:30

      Sputnik correspondent: Black Lives Matter chants in Baltimore

    • 23:29

      Thousands continue to march in Boston

    • 23:28

      NYPD: Blocking roadways will result in arrests

    • 23:24

      Solidarity protest in DC

    • 23:22

      Sputnik correspondent: Baltimore protesters chant "Indict, convict, send those killer cops to jail, the whole damn system is guilty as hell"

    • 23:19

      Massive Baltimore march underway

    • 23:17

      NYC Union Square protest

    • 23:16

      Protests spread to Minneapolis

    • 23:14

      Sputnik correspondent: Baltimore entirely peaceful

    • 23:13

      Massive peaceful protests continue in Baltimore

    • 23:09

      Protests grow in DC's Chinatown

    • 23:08

      National Guard along protest route in Baltimore

    • 23:06

      Protests spread to Indianapolis

    • 23:03

      Protests spread to Boston

    • 23:03

      Baltimore police release 101 people arrested over the previous days

    • 23:01

      Peaceful protesters head for Penn Station in Baltimore

    • 22:55

      Protests spread to DC

    • 22:53

      Protesters in Baltimore

    • 22:52

      Thousands gather in NYC's Union Square

    • 22:50

      Baltimore streets packed with protesters

    • 22:49

      Thousands march in Baltimore

    • 22:48

      NYPD warns protesters to avoid blocking roadways and sidewalks

    • 22:46

      NYPD prepares for Union Square protests

    • 22:45

      Wednesday protests in Baltimore

    Massive Protests Shut Down Baltimore, Cities Across the US
    Freddie Gray's Death Triggers Mass Protests in Baltimore (63)


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