06:07 GMT13 August 2020
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    The incident took place during a CNN live report covering heavy rainfall that resulted in a rapid rise of the water level of the Teté River in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The journalist, Bruna Macedo, was reportedly uninjured.

    A CNN reporter in Brazil, Bruna Macedo, was mugged at knifepoint while reporting live in Sao Paulo. The attacker was reported to be homeless, and approached Macedo from a bridge behind where she was standing, attacking her as she spoke to anchor Rafael Colombo. 

    Cited by News.com.au, Colombo later revealed that Macedo "had a terrible scare, but now she's fine".

    Video of the incident shows Macedo reporting, standing in front of the bridge near the Teté River that was rapidly rising after heavy rains. The attacker is seen crossing the bridge to later appear in the frame and threaten the reporter with a knife.

    In a follow-up report on the incident, Colombo explained that the man demanded that Macedo hand over her phone, and then, noticing she had a second, demanded that one as well.

    "Later on in the newsroom, Bruna explained to us that the mugger was demanding her phone," Colombo said.


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