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    Rabi Pirzada

    Top 6 Artists Who Quit Showbiz in Wake of Swirling Sex Scandals

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    It appears that sex-related offences are quite a common reason for music or cinema A-listers to quit their fields despite lucrative years of work and enormous public recognition.

    In the latest case, Rabi Pirzada, a Pakistani pop singer and TV host, announced that she is done with the show business after her nude pictures and videos were leaked online on Friday.

    Despite the images and video being subsequently taken down, she remained one of the top-trending personas in Pakistan for over 24 hours as a result of the lewd leak.

    She is by far not the only star to have given her farewell to the music entertainment industry in wake of sex-related allegations and sex crime convictions. Here is a top-6 of the most widely debated ones.

    • Harvey Weinstein

    Arguably the most notorious case is the one involving Miramax co-founder and Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein: once one of entertainment’s most powerful men, he’s been depleted by bombshell accusations from over 80 women of sexual abuse, ranging from harassment to rape, which are set to result in a criminal trial beginning on 6 January 2020.

    However, according to sources in Weinstein’s inner circle, cited by CNN, he is still combative, maintains he is innocent, and is planning a career comeback after the trial is over.

    • Ian Watkins

    Lostprophets’ frontman Ian Watkins is yet another artist to feature in a high-profile sex abuse case that cost him his career. Back in 2013, Watkins was sentenced to 35 years for a series of child sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby, after pleading guilty to 13 child sex offences.

    • Gary Glitter

    English glam rock singer Gary Glitter, extremely popular in the genre's era of the 1970s, was first convicted for downloading thousands of items of child pornography. The charges were intermingled with acquittals, until he was eventually indicted in 2014 over historical child sex offences.

    In February 2015, he was found guilty of attempted rape, four counts of indecent assaults, including sex with a girl under 13, which saw him sentenced to an overall 16 years behind bars.

    • BigBang's Seungri

    Former South Korean celebrity, DJ, and member of the mega-popular K-pop boy band BigBang Seungri (Lee Seung-hyun) retired in 2019 amid allegations of him supplying prostitutes in 2015, which was also part of the Burning Sun scandal – the most massive to hit the K-pop industry in recent memory, prompting President Moon Jae-in to kick-start a thorough investigation.

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    • Jung Joon-young

    A now former South Korean singer-songwriter, radio DJ, actor, and television personality. In March 2019, the 30-year-old retired from the entertainment industry in the aftermath of the so-called Burning Sun scandal.

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    In the latter, he confessed to having "filmed women without their consent and shared it in a chatroom". He was alleged to have secretly filmed his own sex videos and then shared them with friends. Separately, he has faced accusations of group rape of an unconscious woman - something that the rock star has denied.

    • F.T. Island’s Choi Jong-hoon

    The tremendously popular Korean band’s leader and guitarist likewise retired from showbiz as a result of allegations of being involved in bribery and sharing of lewd sex videos and pictures in the same chatroom as Jung Joon-young.

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