05:27 GMT14 August 2020
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    While most people believe the government knows more than it allows, a majority of US citizens do not think UFO sightings have anything to do with actual aliens from other planets.

    The majority of US citizens believe the government does not level with them on what it really knows about UFOs and aliens, a Gallup poll revealed. According to the poll, those who believe the government has something to say comprise 68 percent of Americans; less than the same indicator polled in 1996, but still a majority.

    At the same time, people tend to give little credibility to UFO sightings, believing that the unusual objects in the sky can be explained by human activity or natural phenomena. Only 33 percent of respondents believe UFO sightings are actually aliens visiting Earth.

    The poll also gives a demographic breakdown of the respondents, saying that people with lower income (37 percent vs. 33 percent) and lower education (37 percent vs. 27 percent) are more likely to believe that UFOs are actual alien spaceships.

    On a geographical scale, people from the American West are most likely to believe that aliens visit Earth (41 percent), while people from Midwest are most skeptical (27 percent). US East and US South are equally unlikely to believe in aliens (32 percent each).

    Interestingly, the poll discovered that atheists are more prone to believing in aliens (40 percent), while religious adherents are more skeptical about UFO sightings (32 percent). 

    The poll was conducted as the date for ‘Storm Area 51’ event draws near. Scheduled for 20 September, the event has gathered about 2 million followers, and, despite Matty Roberts, the event’s creator, officially stating it is a joke, the US military has very seriously discouraged people from trying to get into military facilities. Roberts is now promoting a music festival called “Alienstock” which will take place near Rachel, Nevada, on 19-21 September.


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