14:24 GMT24 January 2020
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    Scott C. Waring, who not infrequently sifts through NASA’s archives and makes bizarre claims about the space agency’s “actual” programmes, has suggested this time that it has purposefully blurred its pictures and rendered them in black and white to conceal certain lines and silhouettes.

    Self-professed ufologist and specialised blog founder Scott C. Waring took to his portal etdatabase.com to share his thoughts on a blurred black and white image he stumbled upon on at worldwidetelescope.org.

    “I just found something absolutely mind-blowing on the moon Europa”, he said, continuing at length that it has some remarkable accurate angles, “a huge fuselage-like body and large openings at its centre”.

    The latter, according to him, are meant for docking alien ships, which is “mind-blowing” indeed, he believes.

    Waring proceeded to accuse the revered US space agency NASA of attempting to cover up the purported existence of an alien UFO base, allegedly part of a covert government programme. More specifically, he addressed the choice of a colour pattern, arguing that since black and white is harder for many to see than colour, this “psychology” may be being used by NASA to hide something.

    “Jupiter’s moon is supposed to have this icy surface above a giant salty ocean”, he speculated, continuing that there are a greater number of anomalies on Europa, like “huge ravines that are maybe tunnels above the ground”. He admitted, however, that it is hard to tell from the picture, as it is “a little blurry”.

    He pointed out that there are plenty of other moons that NASA has purportedly (and most surely) been keeping an eye on, but added that it finds this superfluous and unnecessary to share with the public.

    Referring to what he considers to be a sort of infrastructure on the lunar surface, Waring noted:

    “It also looks like there is a building complex to the left of the structure, which we can’t see because it has been blurred-out”.

    However, the conspiracy theory seems to be falling on deaf ears, with some accusing Waring of overthinking:

    “Not trying to be rude but it looks like 99 percent of the rest of the moon. sorry”, one posted, with another echoing the stance:

    “What a kook, the spot you think is some alien base is just like the others surrounding it”.

    … and one even accused the ufologist of taking every chance to promote himself:

    “To you its a structure, but to me and most of us, its nothing....your all about promoting yourself..etc”, he posted.

    Still, many gave a thumbs-up to Waring’s observation, further elaborating on the topic, or rather sighting:

    “5 o’clock from your structure seems to be another structure with towers, Scott, and there is structure all over this moon if you look carefully great find Scott”, one stated, while  a different person suggested that the murky object on Jupiter’s moon looks like an aircraft hangar.

    The UFO hunter has been long known to the general Internet public for his infinitely provocative and controversial ET-related claims, with his recent prophecy being that "a real UFO" is grazing and active volcano in Mexico.

    The avid alien hunter suggested that no one on Earth would risk launching an aircraft that close to the mouth of the said volcano, in part due to some alien cloaking technology used. He also previously hit the headlines as he reported such findings of his as the "Mona Lisa of Mars" and an alleged underwater alien base.


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