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    Man in India Abandons Pet Over its 'Illicit Relation' With Neighbourhood Dog

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    New Delhi (Sputnik): It appears not all pets are pampered pooches. In a bizarre incident, a dog owner in the Indian state of Kerala abandoned his pet of three years, accusing it of involvement in an ‘illicit relationship’ with a neighbourhood dog.

    The female Pomeranian was left tied to a market pole over the weekend, with a note on her collar, explaining why she was abandoned and her eating habits in case someone wanted to adopt her.

    The sight of the helpless, crying dog left alone in the pouring rain, in the middle of the market, overwhelmed a lot of passersby. One person contacted animal welfare charity 'People for Animals' for help.    

    Volunteer Shameem Faruque came to the rescue, she drove to the market despite monsoon downpours, and brought the poor orphaned pet to her home.

    When she read the note that was attached to the dog, she was startled and outraged.

    The note written in the local Malayalam language read: "It's a good breed. Good behaviour, no need for excess food, healthy too. He would be given a bath every five days. It just keeps barking, hasn't bitten anyone in the last three years. Milk, biscuits, raw eggs were mainly given as food. It is being abandoned because of its 'illicit relationship' with a dog in the neighbourhood."

    Faruque, an animal lover and activist at the 'People for Animals' charity, later brought the dog to their shelter, where volunteers hope it will be adopted soon.

    The incident left animal lovers up in arms on social media, expressing their outrage at what they called a case of animal cruelty.



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