12:48 GMT11 July 2020
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    During the interview, the sex doll owner confesses that while he really enjoys his private time with the dolls, he does not actually have sex with them because they are unable to give their consent.

    As the sex doll industry continues to produce more and more lifelike creations that seem able to capture the affections of men all over the world, one dedicated sex doll owner recently revealed his entire fortune will be passed on to his “doll collection” upon his death.

    During his appearance on a UK Channel 5 documentary called "The Sex Business: Me and My Sex Doll", the sex doll aficionado, who was identified as Chris, said that while his money will go to the dolls when he dies, he refuses to have them buried with him.

    "I couldn’t have them buried with me. It would be like burying your sister with you. It would be like killing them", he said as quoted by Metro.

    Describing his relationship with the trio of dolls he owns, Chris also confessed that he does not have sex with them because they are unable to give their consent.

    "I watch porn and that’s enough for me but we do take photos together. I’d feel like I was betraying them, I know that sounds weird, but that’s just me", he explained.

    Chris also added that while he's been married three times already, he really enjoys his private time with his dolls and simply does not want "to be without them".

    "They are nice to cuddle and soft and feminine. It’s a comfort thing. I don’t really need a relationship, they have changed my life, I have never been so happy", Chris said.

    Earlier, neuroscientist and relationship coach Bobbi Banks argued that sexual and romantic relationships between humans and robots could become widespread by 2050.

    Moreover, last month, sex doll collector Brick Dollbanger claimed that new upgrades, which afford sex dolls high-speed synchronising for voice and animation along with superior 5G mobile internet access, may in fact make sexbots so realistic that they could become virtually indistinguishable from humans.


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