08:54 GMT26 May 2020
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    A decommissioned missile complex in the US state of Arizona is now on sale for almost $400,000.

    According to a listing on Zillow, the “underground Titan II missile complex” was once “one of the most top secret of government assets.” The complex is located on a 12-acre piece of land in Catalina, Arizona. 

    ​The complex was built in 1962 to be used as a missile silo. A silo, or a missile launch facility, is a cylindrical structure built underground that can be used to store intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), which are usually used for nuclear weapons delivery. In this case, the facility was used to store a type of ICBM called the Titan II. 

    According to the National Park Service, the Titan II was the “largest ICBM ever deployed [by] the US Air Force,” weighing around 330,000 pounds and standing 103 feet tall. 

    “The Titan II held a W53 warhead with an incredible nine megatons of explosive power (three times the explosive power of all the bombs used during World War II, including both atomic bombs). This warhead [is] twice as powerful as any other ICBM's warhead,” the National Park Service Explains.

    The Cold War-era complex was decommissioned back in the 1980s by demolition crews.


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