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    Medium range Nodong ballistic missiles are paraded in Pyongyang, North Korea (File)

    Korean War 2.0? Why US 'Prompt Global Strike' Won't Work Against Pyongyang

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    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signaled on March 17 that military action against North Korea is "on the table." Speaking to Sputnik, Russian political analyst Dmitry Verkhoturov described a three-phase war scenario which the Pentagon is likely to implement.

    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated Friday that military action against North Korea is "an option."

    "If they [Pyongyang] elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action then that option is on the table," Tillerson told journalists during his visit to South Korea.

    "Certainly we do not want for things to get to a military conflict. But obviously if North Korea takes actions that threaten the South Korean forces or our own forces then that would be met with an appropriate response," he added, as quoted by NBC News.

    A day earlier, while being in Tokyo, the US Secretary of State announced that "the policy of strategic patience [toward North Korea] has ended."

    Speaking to Sputnik Korean, Russian political analyst and expert on North Korea Dmitry Verkhoturov shed light on the potential consequences of a US military operation against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

    While it is highly unlikely that Washington wants history to repeat itself for the US in North Korea, Verkhoturov noted, referring to the Korean War (1950-1953), they definitely have a blitzkrieg plan.

    That said, the Russian expert described a three-phase war scenario which the Pentagon may be considering.

    "The first element — a strike by hypersonic high-precision weapons on the most important military facilities," Verkhoturov suggested.

    The expert drew attention to the Trump administration's "kinetic options," mentioned by the Washington Post Friday.

    According to Verkhoturov, the options allegedly envisage the use of penetrating munitions, such as BLU-113 bombs used by US Air Force in Iraq, or an X-51A Waverider hypersonic missile, tested in real flight in 2013.

    "Both types use kinetic energy," he remarked.

    Most likely the Pentagon is planning to test its latest military strategy — the so-called Prompt Global Strike (PGS) that can deliver a precision-guided conventional weapon airstrike anywhere in the world within one hour, the expert believes.

    "If it works against the DPRK, it will show the world the irresistible power superiority of the United States," he said.

    "The second element is a massive air raid with the newest unobtrusive F-22 aircraft (at least four F-22s have been transferred to South Korea) and F-35 (which are currently based at Iwakuni airbase in Japan)," he noted.

    It is assumed that the DPRK air defense system will not be able to repel the raid of the newest aircraft and they will manage to destroy the country's control systems and the most important facilities already struck by high-precision hypersonic weapons, according to Verkhoturov.

    "The third element is the landing of a limited contingent of ground forces to promptly seize or eliminate the North Korean political and military leadership. After this, the war must be completed," the expert suggested.

    United States Forces Korea (USFK) soldiers line-up during a display of military equipment at Yongsan US military base in Seoul. (File)
    © AFP 2017/ CHOI JAE-KU
    United States Forces Korea (USFK) soldiers line-up during a display of military equipment at Yongsan US military base in Seoul. (File)

    However, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip, as the proverb goes.

    Verkhoturov underscored that North Korea is not Iraq or Libya: it is a hard nut to crack. Moreover, the US may face blowback from Pyongyang.

    "First, there is a developed system of underground shelters in the DPRK to survive air strikes, which had been built in the course of more than 60 years after the Korean War. There are a lot of them and all of them cannot be destroyed," the Russian expert stressed.

    "Second, in the event of strike against military headquarters and communications, [Pyongyang] has spare command posts, special procedures for transferring powers and comprehensive plans for independent action in case of war. Third, the DPRK has the capability of launching its own preventive or rapid retaliation strike with new solid-fuel missiles," he elaborated.

    In this light, it is doubtful that Washington would be able to eliminate the country's control system, command posts and ballistic missile silos with the Prompt Global Strike, the expert remarked. Given this, the US army would face a number of hurdles, giving the opportunity for the North Korean Army to swing the balance in its favor.

    At the same time, the war of the Korean Peninsula may turn into a longstanding conflict and deal a heavy blow to South Korea's economy; it may also seriously undermine Japan and upset the post-World War II balance of power in the region, according to Verkhoturov.

    Therefore, the "military option" against North Korea should be off table, according to the Russian expert.

    "One can only hope that the 'new approach' of the US toward the Korean peninsula will be truly 'different'," he concluded.


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      If winning a war is so easy for the US exceptionalists as described in the article above I am astonished that the didn't win any war in the last 70 years except against the 500-soldiers army if Grenada in 1985.
    • John Twining
      The irony hurts me to watch. Just been reading in Breitbart comments an endless massive tirade of ridicule, disbelief, criticism and hostility aimed against a US Democrat Congressman (Seth Moulton) for his very hawkish talk of nuclear conflict with Russia. Now I find Dmitry Verkhoturov talking in the same way about N Korea! Please someone ask Dmitry to calm down and go look at the daisies or something.

      Oh and btw, there's also a pretty solid pattern in Breitbart comments generally - there's hardly any hatred of Russia, any antagonism towards Russia, and there are even some supportive words towards Russia. If the Trumpians are anything to go by, tomorrow's world is looking much brighter for Russia.
    • avatar
      Michael Hill
      There will be wars and rumours of wars.
      I remember as a kid thinking that it should be the leaders of countries that go to battle since they're the ones with and who cause the problems. They are all wealthy, bored, interbred loonies as far as I can tell.
    • avatar
      The author speaks of the X-51A hypersonic wave rider tested in 2013?? did it go into production? is it reliable and accurate? or has it been quietly scrapped? more questions than answers for sure.
    • avatar
      dc801in reply toJohn Twining(Show commentHide comment)
      John Twining, Im one of those on there as well. We know the games the democrats and the neocons like McCain are playing. We want better relations with Russia since we see them as the one nation fighting to uphold traditional Western Christian values in the face of Wahabbism. Were aware our government has used jihadist proxy armies for years as well as the fake news about Russians hacking the election. None of us are buying into the garbage the MSM spills
    • avatar
      Just watched latest info on Wave rider its a mach 4-5 usually 4 with a 300 second flight once dropped by a B-52 its more about research and development work on future space travel and is not produced or ready to use as a weapon.

      Besides at Mach 4+ its well within the defense capability of the S400 and likely the reason the very expensive missile/plane is not being produced.
      So much for the authors mention of a basically space travel future rather than a earth shattering weapon of mass destruction.
    • avatar
      An important part of this is that many people in the United States have no idea that North Korea borders on China and that part of Russia is just up the coast to the east. A U.S. attack on North Korea would be like China attacking Mexico.
    • avatar
      Once again we see the United States rattle its war drums instead of seeking peace and security in the world. Now that the United States has ruled out any chance of a pathway to peace except the total surrender on the part of the DPRK, war now becomes a question of when and who will strike first. Yesterday Tillerson said that talks with the DPRK are useless. Unless the DPRK strikes without mercy first and thereby takes the fight to the enemy US military power will prevail. The DPRK cannot afford to fight a long conflict with US alone and must deal the enemy such a blow as to somewhat level the field of battle and psychologically disrupt the enemy. The unanswered question is what will be the position of Russia and China when the bullets start flying?
    • Preterist ADSeventyin reply toMichael Hill(Show commentHide comment)
      Michael Hill, if you are referring to Jesus' words in Matthew 24 of "rumours of wars" He was referring to the Wars of the Jews that took place in the first century when in AD 70 Jerusalem (Babylon the Whore of Revelation) was taken over by Rome and the temple there was "left with not one stone upon another." He was not referring to wars thousands of years into the future. What happened to the Jews and their city Jerusalem with its temple all add up to AD 70 being the year of the "Second Coming". His return was in judgment of the 12 tribes of Israel and indeed after AD 70 there was no Judea, no Israel on the map only Palestine. The "Israel" of today was brought back into existence not by God but by the Rothschild clan in 1948. The greatest conspiracy ever is this- that the events of AD 70 in Jerusalem were not Jesus' Second Coming in return on the judgment of the 12 tribes of Israel.
    • avatar
      Michael Hillin reply toPreterist ADSeventy(Show commentHide comment)
      Those words just popped up for me in relationship to the article. I referred to them in a non-biblical sense. While I'm sure your comments are probably correct, wars and rumours of wars have been an ongoing theme to present day and I'm sure will be into the future. (ps. I didn't give you a thumbs down.)
    • avatar
      Michael Hillin reply toTrihalo42(Show commentHide comment)
      Trihalo42, you're right. Americans learn about America and have little knowledge of geography and other countries in general. Don't want to generalise but this has been my experience of them.
    • avatar
      Lickie Weeks
      ["First, there is a developed system of underground shelters in the DPRK to survive air strikes, which had been built in the course of more than 60 years
      after the Korean War. There are a lot of them and all of them cannot be destroyed," the Russian expert stressed.]

      Okay, yes, that's very nice. But, the Fallout Shelters in the US have mostly been dismantled. These Washington dog barkers want to start stuff thinking they can bluff, while North Koreans are safe in their shelters, and the American Public gets vaporized.

      Maybe Russia can limit to specifically target the East and West Coasts
      [where all the bad guys live] and keep Central part of the US out of it?

      Rex cannot get Congress to declare an illegal War, so the next "Police Action"
      may come sooner than you think? Time for Mainland China to kick @$$ again.
    • avatar
      The Russian analysis is strategically incorrect. The failure is to understand the meaning behind the word "pentagon," when used by the Bolshevik fifth-column within the U.S. that has controled the military bureaucracy "washington" since the Yalta conference. The word "pentagon" does not refer to a military-industrial complex [of systemic corruption, cowardice and lying]. It refers to the military-industrial hegemon that is currently in power.

      Most people do not realize that the US Army, whichi is the global pack mule for the ancient and venerable global heroin mafia, ran a regime change operation in the region now called China. The operation began with two opium wars (1840, 1850) and pretty much culminated with World War II. Both theaters of WW-II were orchestrated as part of the Bolshevik agenda. The Pacific theater, and its prelude wars, were opened to remove Japan from the economic chessboard, thereby clearing a path for China to become the military-industrial hegemon for the 21st century, i.e. the new Pentagon! Post WW-II, the Pentagon (the hegemon) was in Washington. Not true today! Mao Tse-dung was Skull and Bones from Yale Univesity, same secret society as GHW and GW Bush, John Kerry, and others. The European theater was opened for two reasons; the first being global genocide of White European populations, including Russians. the second being the distraction of Russia, while a new regional fascist dictatorship and military-industrial hegemon (again, the designated pentagon for the 21st century) was established on its southeastern belly, namely China.

      If the "US" (i.e. the Bolshevik fifth-column that controls the remnants of the old and now run down and depleted 1950s US hegemon) attacks N. Korea, it will be only in furtherance of the global Bolshevik agenda -- to make the fascist dictatorship of China even stronger, establishing China as absolute monopolar hegemon for the 21st century, and to finish off the US, thereby transferring the last of the mysterious "pentagon" powers to the fascist (Skull & Bones) dictatorship in China. After the US is destroyed (destroys itself actually, by a bureaucracy of military-industrial treason from within, called somewhat humorously, the east wing and the joint chiefs, now assigned the mysterious name ... deep state), the Chinese hegemon will turn against its old enemy, the Russians, who will have been distracted once again, with Europe, which is in the process of committing cultural suicide, thanks to its Bolshevik leadership.
    • avatar
      F-35 fighters do not have enough hypersonic missiles to destroy the hundreds of artillery guns aimed at Seoul.
    • Alan Reid
      The Americans cannot bring any military power to bear in North Korea and not suffer very serious problems from even a single successful strike getting through. If they did blunder into a shooting war they would find the actual readiness of their modern weapons far less than they would hope. As this author has stated North Korea is not Iraq, Not in terrain nor in technology. American bluster in recent days seem to show that they think that given enough threats North Korea will attack and give the American a free pass to engage fully. They are not falling for that. North Korea has a very careful well thought plan that even the American military will have very serious troubles with. America wants to have a reason to war with anyone willing to throw the first punch, Everyone knows this so they wait and secure the defenses and develop the retaliatory options they can. A calm assessment of all non NATO forces will show this in plain terms.
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