12:32 GMT20 October 2020
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    From the very beginning the US has played a significant role in the Syrian turmoil and now they shouldn't abdicate their responsibility for the situation unfolding on the ground, Syrian parliamentarian Ashwak Abbas told Sputnik.

    The mainstream media sources are pushing the narrative that, following the liberation of Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) may move toward Idlib.

    "I don't know what will happen in Idlib, but if there is no ceasefire or political accord then it will become the next Aleppo," UN envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura told reporters Thursday.

    Commenting on the matter Ashwak Abbas, a member of Syria's Parliament and Vice Dean of the Political Science Department at the University of Damascus, told Sputnik Arabic that the SAA's victory in Aleppo marks the beginning of a new phase in the resolution of the Syrian crisis.

    "Let me first talk about Aleppo. What is happening there is very important. This is not only a military victory but the beginning of a new stage in the settlement of the Syrian crisis," the Syrian parliamentarian underscored.

    "Now we stand a better chance of resolving the crisis peacefully. What we need now is an equivalent response to the Western 'aid,' that provided money and arms to insurgents," Abbas noted.

    "As for de Mistura, his controversial statements have come as no surprise," he noted, "First, he advocated the evacuation of fighters [from Aleppo] to Idlib and was ready to sacrifice himself while accompanying the convoy with terrorists. [He promoted it] ostensibly to save civilians, but he has never raised the issue of the Syrians suffering in the rebel-controlled areas. Now he has voiced his concerns about Idlib."

    Abbas underscored that Idlib has become a hub for terrorists and their foreign sponsors.

    However, if the SAA decides to expel the insurgents from Idlib, it will be better positioned than it was in Aleppo, according to the Syrian academic.

    First, the geographical position of Idlib, the SAA's military experience and well-adjusted logistics will play into the hands of the Syrian government forces, the academic noted.

    "Second, we all know that since the very beginning of the Syrian crisis al-Nusra Front, designated as a terrorist organization by the UN Security Council, has settled [in Iblib]. Hence, the international community will not be able to call them a 'moderate opposition', and won't be able to manipulate international law, as happened in Aleppo," Abbas emphasized.

    At the same time the Syrian academic expressed doubts regarding de Mistura's offer to launch negotiations with the so-called Syrian opposition.

    Abbas called attention to the fact that the opposition comprises "different forces" backed by different regional and global players.

    "Some groups have been recruited by Turkey, and some by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel. There are groups managed by France, Germany, Britain, the US. Some groups belong to radical Islamic movements," the Syrian parliamentarian underscored, dubbing the US Security Council's proposal as "unrealistic" and "meaningless."

    The question then arises whether the US will protect al-Nusra Front, Abbas noted.

    "I assure you, they will," he said.

    Commenting on the wave of distorted news regarding the situation in Aleppo, Abbas suggested that the UN Security Council will continue to manipulate the facts.

    "In fact, the Security Council has ceased to be an international organization, becoming a US 'office'," he noted, "Therefore, they have no doubts regarding how to cover the situation in Aleppo. They put forward false accusations by saying that the Syrian [Arab] Army is committing atrocities. However, they have not provided any photos [to confirm their claims]," the parliamentarian pointed out.

    Speaking to Sputnik on Friday Captain of the Syrian Arab Army Antoine Abboud highlighted that he wants the truth about the situation in Aleppo to come out.

    "Right now in Aleppo the situation is very calm. People are very happy in the district in which I am located right now…  When the Syrian [Arab] Army came to Aleppo we provided the people with temporary shelters. Right now renovation has started in the Old City district of Eastern Aleppo. There is food and water," Abboud told Sputnik.

    Commenting on Secretary of State John Kerry's words that the solution of the Syrian crisis depends now on Moscow and Damascus, Abbas underscored that the US should not abdicate their responsibility for the situation in Syria.

    "I really wish that the United States would once become the model of democracy that they try to impose on the world. It is known that from the beginning the Americans have taken an active part in what is happening in Syria. Now they say that everything depends on Russia. But the Russians [alone] are not able to stop the war. It is necessary to team up and counter terrorism at the international level," the Syrian parliamentarian underscored.

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