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    A U.S. Army M1A2 tank crosses Nam Han river on a South Korean military barge during a joint military exercise between the U.S. and South Korea in Yeoncheon near the border with North Korea, in South Korea, Thursday, May 30, 2013

    Russia Condemns Military Buildup Around North Korea - Deputy UN Envoy

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    Russia condemns the increased deployment of foreign offensive weapons systems near North Korean borders, Russian Deputy Ambassador to United Nations Vladimir Safronkov said Wednesday.

    UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) — Earlier in the day, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2321 imposing new sanctions on North Korea following its nuclear test in September and missile launches. The resolution prohibits UN members from buying North Korean coal, iron and iron ore, as well as nickel, copper, silver, zinc and monuments.

    "The situation on the Korean peninsula should not serve as a pretext for increasing foreign military presence in the region. We strongly condemn the buildup of offensive weapons near the borders of North Korean neighbors, including THAAD [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense] anti-ballistic missile systems," Safronkov said after the vote.

    Security Council sanctions do not aim to preclude further talks with North Korea, he added, stressing that the resolution cannot be used to harm the North Korean economy or worsen the humanitarian condition of its population.

    The UN Security Council adopted the first resolution on North Korea in 1993. In 2016, the Council held nine emergency consultations in response to Pyongyang’s nuclear test and ballistic missile launches. This year the country conducted two nuclear tests and at least 25 launches using ballistic missile technology.

    In July, South Korea and the United States announced they had agreed to deploy the THAAD system in South Korea's Seongju County. The system is designed to intercept short, medium and intermediate ballistic missiles at the terminal incoming stage.


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      "The resolution prohibits UN members from buying North Korean coal, iron and iron ore, as well as nickel, copper, silver, zinc and monuments."
      ", stressing that the resolution cannot be used to harm the North Korean economy or worsen the humanitarian condition of its population."

      So what is it going to be?
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      Whether in the Baltics or at the Black Sea or in East Asia, the wic (war industry corporations) together with politicians are rapidly changing the chess board before Mr. Trump gets into the office. Othervice there might be less chance of war tensions. Apart from making turbulence in international relations, what continent isnt affected?
      With the swedish minister of foreign affairs accusing russians of nuke arms in the nordic waters.
      Where the heck was she ....... when Nato of Usa bombed the Kursk? That was ok, was it? Apparently this social democratic minister of foreign affairs seems more on terms with the genoside millionare Carl Bildt (of the Iraq war or the oil business in Africa's Sudan) than ever .... former PM and social democrat Mr. Olof Palme
      or for that matter former minister of foreign affairs Mrs. Anna Lind, too a social democrat, both assassinated.
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      NK sells monuments? Statues of the 'great leader' are sold overseas? :)
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      Why some countries are allowed hundreds of nukes but not North Korea? Is that nation really evil? But aren't they same blood line as the south? Why is it that both Russia and China powerlessly to offer that poor nation a lift?
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      Ignore them North Korea not everyone is against you....
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