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    Globalists consider China and Russia outsiders; however, neither Beijing nor Moscow will sacrifice their sovereignty and independence to appease Western elites, Tom McGregor, Commentator and Editor at CNTV, told Sputnik, adding that the Chinese and Russians are "strong people who want to make a better future for themselves and their families."

    US President Obama's "Pivot to Asia" strategy has shown clearly that the globalists are eager to shoot themselves in the foot before they allow Beijing to rise in global power, Tom McGregor, Commentator and Editor at CNTV (China Network Television) remarked in an interview with Sputnik.

    China is one of the US' largest trading partners, exporting consumer electronics, clothing and machinery to the United States.

    In 2015 China overtook Canada to become America's biggest trading partner for goods, Market Watch reported, calling attention to the fact that US's trade with China "has ballooned 7,551%" since 1985.

    However, it has not prevented Washington from aggravating tensions with Beijing in the South China Sea and pushing ahead with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) project aimed at curtailing Beijing in the Asia-Pacific region.

    "The Obama administration believes the TPP would bolster US strategic ties to key Asian allies, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, while enhancing relations with nations that could counterbalance China's growing influence in the region by bringing Vietnam and Malaysia into the TPP fold," America's influential Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars noted, adding that the White House hopes that closer economic ties will lead to enhanced military cooperation with its Asian partners.

    US Navy amphibious assault vehicles with Philippine and US troops on board maneuver in the waters during a combined exercise in the South China Sea.
    © AP Photo / Bullit Marquez
    US Navy amphibious assault vehicles with Philippine and US troops on board maneuver in the waters during a combined exercise in the South China Sea.

    'Hillary Clinton Would Not Hesitate to Destroy the US Economy to Inflict Harm on China'

    Why has Washington increased its pressure on China, threatening to undermine decades of cooperation?

    "US President Barack Obama sees himself as the most powerful leader in the world. Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party nominee for President, hopes that if elected to the White House, she can retain prominence as the world's most powerful leader. If China continues to rise in global economic and diplomatic influence that would mean Beijing could eclipse Washington as the world's power base. The Washington Establishment, elites and Hillary Clinton want the USA to rule the world and let no one else gain ascendancy. If that means Hillary has to destroy the US economy to inflict harm on China's economy, Hillary would not hesitate to do so," McGregor underscored in an interview with Sputnik.

    "We've already seen with Obama's past actions that the globalists are willing to shoot themselves in the foot before they allow China or Russia to rise in global power. Well if that's what they want, let Washington do it. Beijing will adapt and find new ways to form partnerships with other countries," he stressed.

    "There's a famous saying in China," McGregor continued, "'If you see your enemy acting stupid, don't try to stop him.'"

    "Washington's counter-productive actions against China and Russia will only harm the US in the long-term, not Beijing or Moscow," he highlighted.

    Trump to Treat China Tough But Fair and Honest if Elected

    Is it possible that the Sino-American relationship will improve if Donald Trump wins the November elections?

    "In regards to GOP nominee for President Donald Trump, I've had numerous discussions with my Chinese media colleagues about him," McGregor answered.

    He noted that initially the Chinese used to say: "Trump is a clown, he talks crazy and he's dangerous."

    "But I respond that Trump is a brilliant businessman and one of the toughest negotiators. He's a fighter and a true patriot for his country. He wants America first, so if he negotiates with China as President, he will be tough but fair and honest. 'Just look at Trump as a businessman, not a politician, and you can understand him better'," the CNTV editor underscored.

    "Afterwards, many Chinese realize he's not such a bad guy after all and since the Chinese love to see themselves as super smart business people, they respect him," McGregor stressed.

    The journalist suggested that if Trump wins the November election and enters the White House, there could be more "trade wars" between the US and China. But what is more important is that Trump "does not want real wars," he highlighted.

    "The Chinese would criticize Trump more, but in Chinese culture if the Chinese criticize you that means they respect you, because if they treat you too nice, like they had mostly done to Obama until recently, they are really saying, 'you are too soft and we don't want to hurt your feelings.' That's Chinese code for 'you are a loser'," the journalist explained.

    U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping (not pictured) before the G20 Summit at the West Lake State Guest House in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, September 3, 2016.
    © REUTERS / Wang Zhao/Pool
    U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping (not pictured) before the G20 Summit at the West Lake State Guest House in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, September 3, 2016.

    Sino-Russian Relations Will Continue to Improve

    Commenting on the prospects of Sino-Russian relations McGregor remarked that he expects to see more improved relations between China and Russia.

    "It's seems apparent from news video footage that Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin appear to be good friends when they meet each other. China and Russia face similar problems. They must confront a Western World that often looks down at the Russians and Chinese on cultural and political levels," he elaborated.

    "In regards to globalists — China and Russia — are perceived as outsiders. China and Russia will never sacrifice their sovereignty and patriotism just to play nice with elites in the Western World," the journalist underscored.

    He suggested, however, that Beijing and Moscow "will stay suspicious towards each other," due to historic and cultural reasons. And still their rapprochement will continue as they find themselves misunderstood by many Westerners.

    "I've lived in China since 2010 and I visited Moscow last year for one week to attend a media forum. Both, Russia and China are amazing countries. You really sense that the people living in both countries have hope, because the Russians and Chinese are strong people who want to make a better future for themselves and their families," McGregor told Sputnik.

    "In the USA where I'm from, many Americans have gotten too soft they have lost hope in their nation's future. Trump has given them a renewed spirit of optimism and they believe he can 'Make America great again.' And if Trump is elected to the White House, we can expect to witness more balanced, pragmatic and business-like relations between China, Russia and USA," the journalist stressed.


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