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    'Hands off Russia': Why Moscow Should Be Thanked, Not Demonized

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    European nations should renounce Washington's "hostile and imperialistic policies," make every effort to dispel anti-Russian fears and join Moscow in its efforts to promote peace in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere, Irene Eckert of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom wrote for Neue Rheinische Zeitung.

    Eckert maintained that NATO is "undeniably a military alliance" that is trying to "spark a war." For its part, the anti-war movement in Europe should oppose the "increasingly aggressive anti-Russian strategy developed by the leading power in NATO and its entourage," she said, referring to the US and those of its allies, who are trying to present Moscow as a threat.

    The North Atlantic Alliance has often cited Russia's supposedly "aggressive" behavior as one of the key challenges to European stability. But Eckert thinks that it's the other way round.

    "We urgently need to create a front of solidarity with Russia to preserve ourselves. Our task is to show that our great eastern neighbor has once again been wrongfully targeted by supporters of the Cold War, as well as those, who back open confrontation," she noted, calling them "Cold and Hot warriors."

    The peace activist believes that Washington has tried to demonize Russia because Moscow does not want to follow policies developed by US policymakers.

    Eckert also urged those, who have tried to downplay Russia's achievements in Syria, to admit that Moscow's military and diplomatic efforts have been instrumental in helping to tackle the foreign-sponsored insurgency in the war-torn Arab country.

    "We need to thank Russia for its military engagement in Syria, because the campaign has helped to avoid a large-scale war and has managed to counter the wave of terror. To make this happen, [Russia] had to employ all its diplomatic skills as well as launch precision airstrikes. The campaign was limited in time and did not violate international law," she detailed.

    Eckert also praised Moscow for its role in finding a peaceful resolution to the Iranian nuclear deal.

    The peace activist also praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for his "wise, pragmatic and patriotic leadership."

    In conclusion, Eckert urges to adhere to the following slogans: "Hands off Russia," "Get out of Eastern Europe, NATO!", "Stop financing terrorism in Syria, Ukraine and any other country," "Respect international law and stop demonizing foreign leaders," "Diplomacy over arms race."


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