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    Pope Francis

    What Did Pope Francis' Remark About 'Piecemeal Third World War' Mean?

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    Is World War III around the corner? And what did Pope Francis mean when he referred to the world as "war-torn" and "filled with fighting"?

    Concerns are emerging regarding the potential prospect of the third world war, prominent Italian journalist and a professor of sociology Francesco Alberoni underscores, referring to Pope Francis' remark that the world is "filled with fighting."

    In his November interview with the Italian Tv2000, an Italy-based broadcasting network that carries Roman Catholic-themed programming, following the Paris massacre, Pope Francis labeled the Friday night terror attacks in France as part of a "piecemeal third world war."

    "The expression 'world war,' both during the First World War (1914-1918) and the Second World War (1939-1945) meant that all or almost all the countries in the world had entered into two warring coalitions fighting against each other," Alberoni explains in his piece for Il Giornale, translated by foreign news translation service Whattheysayaboutusa.com.

    According to the Italian journalist, the third world war is not in progress and is nowhere near. However, we observe three conflicts that could provoke a global war, he emphasizes.

    The first one is a hidden conflict between the US and Russia; the second is "the revival of revolutionary spirit in Islamic world"; and the third is the conflict brewing within the Muslim world itself — between the Shiites and the Sunnis.

    "Radical movements arose in many countries, from the Philippines to Algeria, with the supporters striving to return to their roots, when the armies of the first caliphs were conquering the world and imposing Islam and Sharia Law across-the-board, even on the residents of Western nations. The bloodthirsty gangs are making war and spreading terror in the Philippines, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Africa, where Boko Haram operates," Alberoni warns.

    Interestingly enough, the Italian professor echoes Robert Farley, a Senior Lecturer at the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky, who presented five potential scenarios of the third world war in his November article for The National Interest.

    "Every global war needs a spark.  A conflict somewhere ignites the interest of more than one great power," the American academic noted, focusing attention on five potentially dangerous regions, including Syria, India and Pakistan, the East China Sea, the South China Sea and Ukraine.

    Farley pointed out that during the Cold War the international community had "a certain sense" of what the third world war would look like. It was expected that one of the Cold War blocs could launch a preemptive nuclear strike or conduct a military offensive on the ground. The prospects were horrific yet clear.

    "We now lack such terrifying clarity. War could break out in a number of places, drawing in combatants in unpredictable ways," Farley underscored, adding that the leaders of the world's most influential powers need to realize the threat of crisis escalation.

    It seems, however, that the risk is underestimated, especially in the West, according to Alberoni. There are three conflicts with bitter local wars, he warns.


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      Alberoni is wrong, there is a world war and has been for many years. The regional wars he talks about are just fronts in this war, which is between the US empire and its prey.
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      Alberoni talks about the sparks needed to start wars ,why not openly talk about global arms industries and the arms trade also Vatican's Beast feeding on this conflicts for century's and profiting on the human misery and death!!
    • Mother Gorilla
      The Pope means that mainly we Africans fight the wars of the first world in various locations. I am not saying we are not to blame, our corrupt leaders should not fall for the temptation of gold, money, weapons, drugs, religious fervour, all the things they con us up with. But conned up we are!
    • ralf.sxm
      Alberoni does not point out, that nearly all wars are bankers' wars. These wars are wanted. F.e. US military industrial complex makes 25 % of US economy. US would be broken, if they would be no longer involved in "their" wars. It is not even about winning wars, but keeping wars running. So, as all wars are bankers' wars, guess who is behind it ....
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      If the USA cannot recruit NATO convincingly, meaning every EU NATO member to unconditionally support it, the Yanks do not have enough to finance it, and they will need another 9/11 event to mobilise enough support domestically. WWIII isn't coming.
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      Randall Lee Hilburn
      WW3 is more multifaceted than the previous two. Conventional military conflict only constitutes one facet of a much more complex event in this case. There is an information war going on as part of the overall world war as an example. If war is politics by other means then this would be war by other means. But it is war nonetheless, just not the military kind. If you look deeply enough into all of these military conflicts around the world then you see that they are all just different fronts in the same overall world war. The US is everywhere involved and everywhere they are pursuing the same goal, World Domination.
    • The Pope and his Ku Klux Klan are nothing but a wild hoard of mafia evil sick Child molesters. Who cares what they say? This dangerous Cult have ravaged humanity with its lies long enough and should be put to and end. You think people would grow up from the Dark Ages, to stop pretending to believe such nonsense.

      Such violent and barbarous supremacy Cults that portray themselves as Overlords and Supremacy figures are very dangerous. We see it living in Today's Obama's Exceptionalism, and its nothing more than a pseudonym from the same Master Race, Manifest Destiny and Chosen People of God list of pseudonyms meant to conquer, pillage and exterminate the sub-humans, namely us!. All very threatening to Russia and the World.

      It is an insult that Russia and other countries should send emissaries to Rome and recognize these Fascist concocted safe-haven rats. Dividing the World between England and Spain and profiting from its gold was not enough. They also feel the spiritual need to further molest the World's children.

      If Mussolini was the one who concocted this modern day version of the so-called Vatican criminal enterprise. Then like Hitler's-Nazi agreements and orders that were reversed and abolished with the defeat in WWII. So too, the Vatican should be abolished, its corrupt members lawfully executed and its looted riches handed back to the victims. This represents another grand mistake with our so-called victory during WWII was not also leveling Rome and bringing these mafia scum to justice, by lining them all along the Appian Way nailed on crosses as a symbol of Nazi Fascist defeat. Hopefully with the victory after the next upcoming WWIII, we will not make the same mistake, again. Seems like we make the same mistakes and have to keep fighting the same war all over again. Just about all the Fascist Nazi regimes have been resurrected and rearmed by NATO to surround and invade Russia and its allies again. Russia is under the same European Axis based invasion and attack again, as we speak. LNR, DNR, etc.

      *** Free Viktor Bout and All Pro-Russians, tortured, missing, murdered and or falsely imprisoned, in USA and NATO Secret Prison Axis, Account For All, Remember and Lawfully Avenge All Forevermore.***
    • Ann in reply toralf.sxm(Show commentHide comment)
      ralf.sxm, The Vatican is a country unto itself, it has it's own laws and banking system. It feeds an everything else in the world. For corruption, they need to look inward first.
    • Ann in reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, Even another false flag may not get it for the govt - too many of us have figured out the false flag thing. Too many of us have learned that we've been lied to by our govt. The percentage of Americans who trust the govt is in the single digits now.
    • Ann in reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, The US must be stopped at all costs.
    • avatar
      vendorin reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, I hope you are right and I hope the support dwindles down to 0%
    • Ann in reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, If it gets much lower, they might have to start breaking out the tanks - people are fed up.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, That is what it amounts to, unless people are satisfied with living as slaves. Because that is precisely what is coming if they aren't.
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