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    Rebel fighters from the First Battalion under the Free Syrian Army take part in a military training on June 10, 2015, in the rebel-held countryside of the northern city of Aleppo

    Strange Bedfellows: Does US' Coalition Intentionally Feed Daesh in Syria?

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    Russia's increased activity along the Syrian-Turkish border indicates clearly that the Syrian conflict has entered its final phase, geopolitical researcher Tony Cartalucci stresses, adding that the true sponsors behind this conflict are now stepping in overtly.

    It should be clear now to those, who criticized Russia's air campaign as ineffective, that their prognosis has proved wrong, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer Tony Cartalucci underscores.

    "For those that have criticized Russia's air campaign, claiming conflicts can't be won from the air without a ground component, it should be clear by now that the Syrian Arab Army is that ground component, and has dealt ISIS [Daesh] and al-Qaeda its most spectacular defeats in the conflict," Cartalucci points out in his latest article for New Eastern Outlook.

    According to the researcher, when this corridor is sealed up and the flow of supplies halted, Daesh (ISIL/ISIS), al-Nusra Front and other NATO-backed factions will eventually "atrophy" and will be eradicated by the Syrian Arab Army.

    Apparently for this very reason the West has rushed to flood the region with its military assets; the same cause could have lain at the root of Turkey's ambush of the Russian Su-24 in the Syrian airspace, the researcher believes.

    However, Russia's increased activity in the Syrian-Turkish border region demonstrates that the Syrian conflict has entered its closing phase.

    "With Syrian and Kurdish forces holding the border east of the Euphrates, the Afrin-Jarabulus corridor is the only remaining conduit for supplies bound for terrorists in Syria to pass," Cartalucci explains.

    Meanwhile, Syrian forces have started moving east towards Euphrates from Aleppo. Cartalucci suggests that then the Syrian Arab Army will move north to the Syrian-Turkish border near Jarabulus.

    On the other hand, it appears that the Russian Air Force is planning to cut off the terrorists' supply lifeline right at the border, near Afrin, Ad Dana and Azaz, according to the researcher. The Syrian Arab Army, in its turn, will maintain control over the region.

    Cartalucci calls attention to the fact that, inexplicably, the US-led coalition had never targeted Daesh's lifelines during its year-long military campaign.

    "Obviously, any nation truly interested in defeating ISIS [ISIL/Daesh] would attack it at its very source — its supply lines. Military weaponry may have changed over the centuries, but military strategy, particularly identifying and severing an enemy's supply lines is a tried and true method of achieving victory in any conflict," the researcher underscores.

    And it is not the only oddity about the Syrian conflict.

    In reality, the Syrian conflict has never been truly a "civil war," the researcher emphasizes, referring to the amount of support for the militants fighting against the legitimate Syrian government and the huge number of foreigners joining Daesh and al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate.

    "With that support being cut off and the prospect of these militants being eradicated, the true sponsors behind this conflict are moving more directly and overtly to salvage their failed conspiracy against the Syrian state," Cartalucci stresses.

    "What we see emerging is what was suspected and even obvious all along — a proxy war started by, and fought for Western hegemonic ambitions in the region, intentionally feeding the forces of extremism, not fighting them," the geopolitical researcher emphasizes.


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    • Terra
      Strange Bedfellows: Does us' Coalition Intentionally Feed Daesh in Syria?

      There's nothing strange and intentionally about it!
    • King Arturus
      And the answer is! Yes, they did and they do!
    • avatar
      Given these points, which make a lot of sense, the question then is, why are the NATO powers coming in at the end when their defeat is certain? Unless they plan a war against Russia-Syria-Iran-Hezbollah-Iraq, they have nothing to gain except at the negotiating table, where they should have little to say. Are they coming in to save the heads of the tyrannical head-chopping monarchs and Israeli fascists? What other motive could they have, when it is clear neither Russia nor its allies are going away?
    • Eva Amram
      All politicians in europe have spine . EU works under German orders and german works under USA orders . . thet give a shit to their people. Corrupted and like pigs shit is their home . They speak they are democracies LOL is anedotic they love is theather.
      .. cowards traitors corrupted
    • avatar
      bangein reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
      dvdgrg09, It is just to say to the world yeah we participated too in defeating isis that we thought could overthrow Assad but they were useless so we eliminated them. Yeah we did too. That is the only scenario I can think of them coming at he end of the match when it only remains 5minutes before the end of the 90minutes of the Game they organized for years.
    • avatar
      The US based in a very stupid strategy, will never get away from Syria losing Syria. This is a must. It is very simply for a normal gay. The USA will never allow itself to be shadowed by Russia. The American people are anti Russian and its education and the media is geared to sustain this mentality. That is what Obama and Carter said at the beginning of the Russia in Syria, “That Russian has committed a serious mistake”.

      The US, EU, NATO believe that Russia cannot stand a long fight in Syria, due to financial problems and Russian public opinion. I have been in Moscow, and Saint Petersburg and I may said, 7 from 10 people are more American sympathizer and many of them has adopted American stereotype, e.g. flashing cars, jeans, tattoos, haircuts, etc. This young generation does not know anything about the WWII, or Stalin. This young generation just wants to become rich as soon as possible. All generation miss the time of the Soviet Union and social cover.
    • jaodernein garshinvic
      The corridor where the stolen oil and other looted goods passed through is going to be closed and that's why Germany and probably also US are sending ground troops: they will be used as "human shields"; they know that Russian won't bomb their soldiers.
      Desperate move since the Syrian army only has to move the no trespassing zone before the zone illegally occupied by western units and the blockade of trafficking will be equally effective
    • avatar
      Spot on lets hope Russia destroys all these supply lines soon and keeps them closed while the USA coalition play in their sand pit, soon to be joined by our stupid UK prime minister Cameron and his toys, what a waste of space and time.
    • avatar
      ISIS never was anything more than an evil let's-you-and-him-fight divide-and-conquer countergang designed to do US/UK/Israel's bidding. They couldn't go straight into Syria, but their evil fake-Islamic entity ISIS could. Further ISIS's terror sent millions of refugees fleeing. Which is also fine by the evil Bond villain US/UK/Israel -- 'you don't want a new world order, no problem, we will bring the new world order to you.' This Bond villain like all Bond villains desires world domination and nothing but world domination, whether they call it the New World Order or globalism. Syria's, Iran's, Russia's sovereignty is their target. For them, the ends justify the means.
    • avatar
      Read this site for the background to the war in Syria. It's also supported by Wikileaks to show US and their allies had long planned to destroy Syria even before the so-called "civil war" started.
    • Syria is the victim of a long-running US campaign to overthrow its government. The so-called 'moderate' opposition there is armed and financed by the West. There are also serious questions to ask about ISIL. It seems to me that ISIL, like Al Qaeda before it, was originally an asset of the Americans. Like Al Qaeda, it has turned on its masters, who now see the need to tame it. But it is hypocritical for the US and its allies to target ISIL while backing other terrorists who are seeking to destroy the Syrian state.
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