19:05 GMT08 August 2020
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    The Paris attacks have prompted American war-hawks to advocate even more US intervention in the Middle East; unfortunately, none of them have ever tried to understand the genuine motivation of the attackers, former Republican congressman Ron Paul underscores.

    Predictably, the Paris massacre has provoked a unanimous call for more US intervention from American policymakers; however, none of them yet posed the question how it all began and why the attacks happened, American politician, author and former Republican congressman Dr. Ron Paul stresses.

    "Nobody ever wants to ask what about three million people since the year 2001 have died because of the consequences of our foreign policy and our messing around and undermining the governments in the Middle East," Dr. Paul noted in a conversation with Daniel McAdams for Liberty Report.

    It is no secret that France also has lots of ambitions in the Middle East, the experts emphasized. Today France has ten thousand personnel deployed in the Middle East. After the Americans, the French has been the most active actor in the region that has done a lot of bombing. What should not be also forgotten is that Syria and Lebanon are former French colonies.

    Dr. Paul warned that a foreign policy of intervention usually provokes a blowback. However, the lesson still remains unlearned.

    "We [the US] have a foreign policy of intervention which causes all this disruption, all this void, and all this hostility directed toward us. And then they [attackers] come and retaliate by bombing and killing some people and we never wake up and ask: 'Maybe our foreign policy is the problem?'," Paul underscored.

     The former Republican congressman emphasized that the tragedy of 9/11 led to irrevocable damage: the US' response was completely misguided. Washington did not understand the causes of the 9/11 catastrophe. As a result, millions died including 10,000 Americans.

    The policy of intervention has led to the "war" against the US people, he noted.

    "The war against people is going to be accelerated. That's exactly what happens since 9/11. We've had the Patriot Act, the NSA and all these things and no privacy left. And now they're already saying 'this [bloodbath] could come to America, this could come to America!' So, we have to have even more surveillance over people… [They] will take away our liberties," Dr. Paul elaborated.

    However, the United States is heading to an end of the era of military and economic intervention, Paul believes.

    "We're seeing the loss of our liberties, the destruction of our economy, more militancy, and nobody wants to change anything. They want to keep doing more of the same things: the same military intervention and intervention in the economy, print more money, debt doesn't matter," the US politician stressed.

    It is the time for a dramatic shift from the policies of military interventionism, inflationism, central banking and economic planning, the former congressman deems.


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