15:32 GMT +322 November 2017
    Russian air force strike the Islamic State in Syria

    Russia Has Snatched Away US Superiority in Syria – Italian Media

    Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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    The operation in Syria, which was supposed to be led by the US and its allies, is now in the hands of Russia.

    The recent development is Syria has undermined the United States military’s superiority in the region, Italian columnist Luciano Tirinnantsi wrote for Italian weekly Panorama.

    By firing the cruise missiles targeting ISIL from the flotilla in the Caspian Sea, Russia showed who is in control of the situation.

    “The strikes were launched from the Caspian Sea using precise long-range missiles that flew 1,500 kilometers over Iraq and Iran and hit their targets. This move showed that the airspace is now owned by Moscow and the fate of the Middle East depends on Russia,” Tirinnantsi wrote.

    The columnist further noted that Obama and his administration have been only disappointed for the last several years now.

    “Americans have made all-out errors in their forecasts and tactics, losing positions and trust, including in the diplomatic spheres.”


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