23:39 GMT14 July 2020
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    The West rarely misses an opportunity to accuse Russia of breaking international law by reuniting with Crimea, but it never wants to admit that it has long abandoned the idea of seeking solutions through diplomatic means and has resorted to the might is right principle, said Felix Stanevsky, a former Russian ambassador to Georgia.

    "The accusers like a bull in a china shop tramp, damage, destroy the rules of peaceful coexistence, which to a large or limited extent were observed even in the decades of the Cold War. Kosovo is a case in point," the diplomat noted, adding that the West "spectacularly violated the international law" in other countries, including Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.

    A single violation might have sparked outrage but the more often they are committed, the more trivial they become. Hence, "the war has become a routine for the West," Stanevsky noted, also saying that the US leadership "owns patents on devising excuses to start wars."

    The implications of Western disregard for the international rule of law are ominous: from ongoing wars tearing the Middle East apart to the rise of Islamic State, a terrorist organization so brutal that even al-Qaeda denounced it for the atrocities IS carries out daily.

    "As a result [of the US war in Iraq] the Iraqi territory turned into a blood sea leaving hundreds of thousands dead," Stanevsky observed.

    The military operation in Libya helped the West to "perpetuate killings and create total chaos close to European borders. Like gangrene, this chaos has crept from Libya to the Middle East, Mali and Central African Republic. It crashes against the Italian shores with waves of desperate and dramatic emigration," the diplomat stated.

    The mainstream media is all in favor, Stanevsky said, citing a respectable Italian newspaper which insisted that we "cannot concede the threat of force if we want to establish peace." Such a justification is one step away from becoming engaged in a conflict.

    The diplomat calls the threat of force, which was unacceptable 3-4 decades ago, a Western achievement of the times we live in. "The threat has always transformed into military action" in Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mali and CAR, he pointed out. One could only wonder what fate awaits Ukraine, since many, particularly in the United States, urge to supply Kiev with weapons.

    What has the US, NATO and the EU achieved by shedding blood and plunging regions into chaos? Nobody in the West wants to answer this question. 

    "Yet one does not need a university degree to understand that the West is engaged in one war after another, kills and destroys, throws entire regions into chaos and ruins international law," Stanevsky stated.

    Therefore, the Western media is increasingly failing to convince its readers and listeners, he added. Europeans do not trust their governments when officials say that they support peace. They don't buy the media's attempts to demonize Russian President Vladimir Putin or accuse Russia. "In the end facts will defeat propaganda," Stanevsky concluded.


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