10:10 GMT +326 March 2017
    Turkish combat Cobra helicopter

    42 Helicopters Missing in Turkey Sparking Concerns of a Second Coup Attempt

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    At least 42 helicopters have gone missing from Turkey's military inventory in the wake of the failed coup attempt on Friday evening causing concern that there may be another act to the attempted overthrow of Erdogan.

    CNN Turk anchor Serdar Tuncer reports that at least 42 helicopters have gone missing from the Turkish military inventory and says concern is brewing that another coup effort may soon be underway.

    "It is as though this rogue will try more things. Can they succeed? No! But will they try?" said the reporter.

    Unrest continues in Turkey in the wake of Friday's failed coup attempt that left at least 265 dead and over 2000 people wounded, most of whom were civilians answering the call of President Erdogan to put down the coup attempt.

    ​The Turkish government asserts that it has retained full-control of the government and has begun a "systematic purge of the military." On Saturday, the government rounded up over 6,000 individuals who will face prosecution under the country's treason laws with President Erdogan refusing to rule out applying a death sentence to the traitors. The arrested include 2,745 judges and over 2,800 soldiers in the Turkish military including Erdogan's top military adviser.

    The US State Department cautions that the situation in Turkey remains unstable in the wake of the failed coup plot and warns foreign travelers against visiting the country citing an increased terror threat as chaos ensues across the country.

    NATO also maintains roughly 90 tactical nuclear weapons at the Incirlik Air Base, from where the 42 helicopters have gone missing, causing concern about the security of US weapons in Turkey and raising the specter that terrorists may ultimately be able to get their hands on advanced weaponry or potentially a nuclear bomb.


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      NATO also maintains roughly 90 tactical nuclear weapons at the Incirlik Air Base, from where the 42 helicopters have gone missing, causing concern about the security of US weapons in Turkey and raising the specter that terrorists may ultimately be able to get their hands on advanced weaponry or potentially a nuclear bomb.
      Here we go. Missing nukes. The neocons finally did it, gave nukes to ISIS. Until trump gets in office, the US government is rogue and illegitimate.

      This from 2013:
    • Alektrion
      Erdogan really HATES it when criminals use FORCE to try to OVERTHROW his Government.

      Kind of like the criminals he is backing in Syria using FORCE to try to OVERTHROW the Government there.
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      This mini-coup is the prelude of worst things to come for Erdogan and his clique. Even if it "failed", this coup has succeeded in many areas. It has first confirmed the perception that the regime who promised security is not strong enough to ensure it. It has also send a shockwave in the economy and tourism plans and has poisoned even more the relation between Erdogan and the West.
      If the country gets regularly such failed mini-coups or terrorist attacks , instability will augment and the economy will suffer. Erdogan's opponents are in need of more times to trigger the autodestruction of that regime from. Until now they seem to have scored serious points
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      This is hard to believe and accept. All of that airspace is monitored with the conflict going on in Syria. These are not pocket models. 42 helicopters are a lot of helicopters. Not sure what type of military operations procedures are in place. Helicopters need to be fueled and armed by some one's authority, flightpath authorized, where were the air and ground controllers? Even if they hug mountain passes somewhere along the flightpath some one would see them, hear them etc. A major conspiracy would be needed to pull something like this off.
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      black market or isis??
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      michaelin reply toAlektrion(Show commentHide comment)
      Alektrion, there's also the old joke; Why does the (us) government hate organised crime? Because they abhor competition. :)
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      Perhaps the coup was just a distraction for theft.
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      Having looked a little closer at Turkey over the last few days I believe the rumors that Erdogan had staged a coup to consolidate his power while having an excuse to arrest and finally be rid of a troublesome military are based in fact.

      Consider this; For any coup to succeed the government and its immediate legal agencies have to be rounded up - that did not occur on Friday. Troops who looked more bewildered as to why they were being deployed than on any mission to bring about a coup, were posted on streets and bridges that in the immediate actions of a coup are not of strategic importance.

      Troops used in coups are deployed to keep civilians off the streets, by shooting at them if necessary - and that never happened - and in arresting government and governmental agency personnel, such as the police, and containing them in makeshift lock ups.

      None of that occurred either.

      So now we have a scenario where a real coup as compared to a fake Erdogan coup looks like taking off - and who can blame the military now who all know that the Islamists will now come after them on Erdogan's orders.

      Erdogan has forced this onto Turkey's military so I hope he pays the same high price he has ear marked for his political enemies.
    • Annin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, That's kinda what I've been thinking too. Also, there has to be some reason why the US leadership is so staunch about keeping both Russia and Syria out of Aleppo...might they be hiding some US nukes that went missing a few years ago? I think the US has prepositioned those "missing" nukes, close to Russia. I think the neocons will do ANYTHING to keep them hidden. Even throw erdogan under the bus.

      Perhaps this Turkey thing was only a distraction, while they moved their nukes in Syria. That's why it smells like CIA, feels like a false flag, but didn't get the job done. It wasn't supposed to. For all we know, the Turkish military may have tried to stop the hidden US nukes from being deployed on Russia, or maybe on Turkey to implicate Russia.

      Whatever the truth is, it is deeper than we might think.
    • Annin reply toAlektrion(Show commentHide comment)
      Alektrion, Don't they call that KARMA?
    • Annin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, My guess would be they were gone before the coup attempt, and that the CIA ran cover for them via the coup. I think the CIA may have hijacked a "drill" and turned it into what it was. I read that a few young officers told that it was supposed to be "a drill." Where have we heard THAT from before? 9/11...Boston...a few times that chaos has happened in the US, there was also A DRILL running somewhere in the area. Look it up.
    • Annin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, Maybe I misunderstood, but I read that the military DID shoot and kill some civilians during this event. I think the quote was "fired into the crowd."
    • Bose
      All these because of the suppression of human rights and democracy by its president
    • Mikhasin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Those hydrogen bombs shouldn´t go off without pal switch code but::

      "These switches, known as Permissive Action Links (PALs), were designed to hinder unauthorized use of the weapons; the bombs wouldn’t detonate if the operator didn’t enter the right code. But PALs could be circumvented by someone with the proper technical skills."

      And there´s more:

      "With a few hours and the right tools and training, you could open one of NATO’s nuclear-weapons storage vaults, remove a weapon, and bypass the PAL inside it. Within seconds, you could place an explosive device on top of a storage vault, destroy the weapon, and release a lethal radioactive cloud."

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      michaelin reply toAnn(Show commentHide comment)
      Ann, will do! Thanks! :)
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      The difficult part of world conquest desires, NATO, is that big moves left a big trail. It's hard to invade the world secretly. There's a reason why it hasn't be done before. NATO and the others are like the person at a pie eating contest. It looks easy until the last few pies.
    • leo.carr96
      if a second military coup will happend, please be sure to capture anti-erdogans cities
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toAnn(Show commentHide comment)
      Ann, no, you didn't misunderstand. While some military fired on crowds - and I would suggest that those who did knew exactly what they were doing there - other areas under military guard foolishly gave up to the baying mobs who killed some of them - and I believe those who gave up were those who really had no clue as to why they were there.

      This whole 'coup' smacks of an unpreparedness that could only come from a planner or planners who had to cobble something together quickly or was a deliberate deception that was badly planned. Either way, it was poorly run.
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