09:47 GMT26 October 2020
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    The Russian aircraft is a fifth-generation air superiority stealth fighter that performed its maiden flight back in 2010. It is currently in the final stage of development and is expected to be available after 2020.

    The Sukhoi Su-57 is better than its American counterparts, Russian Maj. General Vladimir Popov stated on Saturday. According to the veteran military pilot, the F-22 is too expensive and needs numerous improvements, while the F-35 is overloaded with sophisticated technologies that make it difficult to operate.

    At the same time, he noted that the Su-57 can reach Mach-plus speeds without afterburning and has high manoeuvrability.

    Su-57 test flight over Astrakhan, Russia.
    YouTube / Zvezda
    Su-57 test flight over Astrakhan, Russia.

    The F-35 Lightning II and the F-22 Raptor are both designed by Lockheed Martin and serve as the newest fifth-generation fighter jets in the American military. While production of the F-22 was terminated in 2011, with only 195 planes built, the F-35 programme is still active, with deliveries to the US military scheduled until 2037.

    The Russian aircraft, however, is expected to cost only 40 percent of the American jet's price at roughly $40 to $45 million per plane, compared to the F-35, which costs over $100 million, making it a more interesting option to purchase for countries that don't have their own fifth-generation jet in the works.

    According to The National Interest, the Su-57 could be purchased by China, India, Myanmar, Algeria, and Turkey – especially after the US suspended Ankara from the F-35 programme.

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