14:29 GMT20 January 2021
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Twenty-nine foreign aircraft have been detected while on reconnaissance missions near Russian airspace, a weekly infographic published by the Russian Armed Forces' official newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda showed on Friday.

    Russian jets have been scrambled 10 times over the past week to intercept foreign planes, according to the material. No foreign planes had illegally crossed into Russian airspace, the infographic also showed.

    The reports come after this April the Russian military stated it had detected 20 foreign airplanes while they were carrying out reconnaissance missions near the country's airspace, adding, however, that there had been no cases of trespassing.

    Moscow has repeatedly slammed foreign military build-up near Russia's borders, warning that aggressive moves by NATO could provoke an escalation into a full-scale military confrontation. At the same time, the alliance has been justifying its enhanced activities by claiming that Russia poses a security threat to the region.


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