07:21 GMT +328 March 2017
    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko centre, Chairman of Senate Armed Services Committee, US Senator John McCain, centre left, US Senator Lindsey Graham, centre right, and US Senator Amy Klobuchar pose for photo with the Ukrainian marines, during their working trip to the Donetsk region to congratulate Ukrainian servicemen on the upcoming New Year, in the village Shyrokine, eastern Ukraine, Saturday, Dec. 31, 2016

    Ukrainian Parliament Adopts Law Allowing Admission of Foreign Troops for Drills

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    Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, has adopted a law Thursday allowing the admission of foreign troops to conduct exercises on the Ukrainian territory in 2017.

    A total of 236 parliamentarians voted in favor of the law.

    Earlier, President Poroshenko asked the parliament to approve his decision to allow the admission of foreign troops on the territory of the country to take part in military drills in 2017. These drills would include the Sea Breeze-2017 and Rapid Trident-2017 exercises.

    The law applies to the US military troops, as well as outfits from other countries, NATO members and states taking part in the "Partnership for Peace" program. That would mean up to 3,000 servicemen with weapons, military equipment, up to six warplanes and helicopters.

    The document will now have to be signed by the President.

    Ukraine's legal system prohibits any kind of military units without a legal provision from operating on the country's territory. Moreover, it prohibits the deployment of foreign military bases, therefore all foreign troops have to be admitted on the territory of Ukraine by a special legislation as advised by the President.

    On Tuesday, Poroshenko announced that he had agreed on the date of his visit to Washington with US president-elect Donald Trump, after the inauguration. Talking to The Wall Street Journal, he said that he hoped to meet with Trump in February.

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, right, and US Vice President Joe Biden prior their statement to the media at the Presidential Administration Building in Kiev.

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      how is that Breaking ... a m e r i c a n s were at m a i d a n .... at odessa trdae union fire and f i g h t i n g in D o n b a s
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      gbiyanjuin reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      Friend, it's breaking in the sense that in those previous instances, the west's foot soldiers were in Ukraine without backing by any law - that is they were in Ukrainian territory illegally. However, now they will be and operate equipment on Ukraine territory backed by a law made by the government of Ukraine.

      The implication is that, unlike before now, Ukraine has legally joined the Axis of Evil. The axis powers need some (even though fickle) legal backup when they kick-start the war on Russia from the territory of Ukraine.
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      Look at the picture . The COUP D ETAT winners. Of course they violate the constitution. Russia should bring the ex pres to the HAGUE court to declare Porky's take over ILLEGAL. IF HAGUE disagree, is ordered by Washington. Why Russia doesn't create own int court syst makes no sense at all.
      Russia is playing VASSAL, where even the E.U court of human rights, rules on Russian jurisdiction.
      Mc Cain was taking picture and telling the crowd to TOPPLE the gov that U.S will assist.
      PORKY was funding the campaign, and that's why he steals all the cash as soon as it arrives.
      Merkel and the E.U crew,, brought a deal to end MAIDAN, where YANU was to remove all security. Opportunity they used to STORM the parliament and BEAT UP parliament members., Even a DA that arrested MAIDAN, was beaten.
      Then they RUSHED To Crimean PARLIAMENT, that called RUSSIA!! For HELP.. And how they got help.

      PORKY may end up in a JAIL. Russia have all the evidence of crimes against humanity and war crimes.
      And a MIRACLE that Russia didn't kicked them OUT of KIEV and restored peace.
      Crimea wouldn't leave Russia. ANYWAYS.
      ABOUT MC CAIN and GRAHAM they responsible for all the DEATHS in Ukraine. Regardless of all lies they claim at MSM.
    • Mikhas
      So if Trump fails to take the Nazi bait, then what?
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      At last we know the reason for Bidens visit in the last days of nobelised mass murderer.
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      Ukraine dominant class and those Ukrainian that see Ukrainians overseas emigrants enjoying a very comfortable life (Example the Ukraine community living in Canada) or those prosperous Cubans living in the USA will not hesitate in deprecating the USSR for preventing this Slavic community to gain independency. Ukraine was never an independent country, and never existed as a country. It was part or Poland or part of Russia. However, after WWI and WWII small group of dissidents wanted to have a territory with its own borders called Ukraine. As was customary in that time, these people were called free fighters that want to escape of evil communism, and countries of the “free” world (USA, Canada, and UK) helped to agitate the mass in Ukraine. Many of these dissidents managed to immigrate to these “democratic” countries and prosper there. Ukrainians emigrants still have many relatives in Ukraine nowadays. Those living in Ukraine have businesses that have close links with Canada, and the USA. Many Ukrainians look at the western, because of the success histories and they do not look East (e.g. Russia) because there are not known examples of success events. Quite sure a high proportion of Ukraine’s will accept that Ukraine becomes the 51 state of the USA.
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      ViTranin reply togbiyanju(Show commentHide comment)
      gbiyanju, A m e r i c a n s do not worry about Law ... the world saw how a NFZ turned into an Invasion and removal of Qaddafi !

      As to attacking R F ... well WW 1, WW 2 were A me r i c a n Proxy wars where the oceans were its wall ... A m e r i c a n s think that 70 + years later it will still be their S a v i o r .... !!
    • NATOisEVIL
      So good for the old men Biden and insane Mc.Cain that they have something to fill their days with. Hate and violence is what they really love, and Porky the square-head welcome them with open arms. How lovely.
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      gbiyanjuin reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      The fervent hope is that if the west stupidly initiates this war against Russia, there will be no Stalin-like delay as in Berlin but that the correct decisions will be made to follow the aggressor back home to finally eliminate its ability to wage wars any longer.
    • avatar
      ViTranin reply togbiyanju(Show commentHide comment)
      gbiyanju, War has been initiated ! illegal sanctions are a State of War .... !
      however agree is A m e r i c a takes it to the next level ... A m e r i c a will cease to exist !
    • R30soarskyes
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