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    Google writing on the wall

    Pentagon, Google Join Forces to Advance US Military Hegemonic Capacity

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    Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to lead Pentagon’s Innovation Advisory Board.

    On Wednesday, the Defense Department announced that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt will head the Pentagon’s new Innovation Advisory Board. Consisting of 12 executives, the board will be handpicked by Schmidt and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

    The move by Schmidt, who is credited with developing Google into the world’s most popular search engine, will likely put the company’s highly-publicized "don’t be evil" mantra to the test.

    The company, much like the Pentagon and US anti-terrorism agencies, has come under fire in recent years for its indiscriminate data collection and surveillance practices. Google, however, has been a leading voice against the tech community’s increasing refutation of widespread data accumulation by government agencies, arguing that data used properly can advance what it considers to be the public wellbeing.

    Google publicly claims that it uses data not only for advertising purposes, but to connect users with vital public services, including personalized travel and health preferences.

    The company has also developed its machine intelligence assets, including a self-driving car. Their stated goal is the elimination of some 30,000 automobile accidents annually, which kill about 33,000 US citizens.

    Google first linked with the defense community in the area of robotics and artificial intelligence. The autonomous car was the brainchild of Stanford Artificial Intelligence expert Sebastian Thrun, who developed the concept as part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Grand Robotics Challenge. The technology was created and funded by DARPA, but overtaken by Google after the Defense Department stalled implementation. 

    DARPA director Arti Prabhaka explained that, by joining forces with Pentagon officials, Google will reap substantial benefits in access to government-funded technology.

    "They’re going to go make money on it—that’s what they do as a private company—and we’re going to try to deal with it from the perspective of national interests," Prabhaka said, adding that she sees DARPA, aligned with Google and other Silicon Valley companies, as continuing to "drive technology forward."

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange suggested that Google’s cozy relationship with both the US Defense and State Departments represents an existential threat to the utility of the Internet to the ordinary user.

    Assange observed that "Google’s geopolitical aspirations are firmly enmeshed with the foreign policy agenda of the United States," and he stated that, as Google’s monopolistic control of the Internet grows, the company will increasingly influence choices and behavior to steer outcomes in the favor of US and corporate interests.

    Assange mentions, in his recent book, When Google Met WikiLeaks, that "if the future of the Internet is to be Google, that should be of serious concern to people all over the world for whom the Internet embodies the promise of an alternative to US cultural, economic, and strategic hegemony."


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    • avatar
      Russia have own internet based companies, First create a separate internet. For Russia then CIS EEU, SCO BRICS.
      In desperation Brazil is trying with Europe. This is Russia's fault. Because it shifts feet instead of create and invite for solutions.
      3 strike rule is taking effect. And Google is trying to get into force users to give feedback.
      Nothing new. Google have persistent trackers, that follow your every move in the net.

      Even if you do not try Google ta all. Russia should move from them. And create tools to be private.
      Russia shouldn't follow the 3 strike rules. They seen on the tube etc. Into uploading unauthorized material etc. You get BANNED. Just FINES.. And they increase. A lot.

      Yep for terrorism, they should be tracked and studied. Not just to find what they doing. Expect propaganda for more opposition and arming groups around the world. Once west see that there are no consequences for arming groups to topple legit governments, they will do it often.
      Int LAW is applied ONLY by west, ruled by west, judge by west.

      Russia still , begging at PACE. Instead of erect the spine, use the brain on top and create own.
      With speakers , and channels to show it 24/7.
      Is NOT arrogance, is a way out of west hegemony.
    • Washington 76
      Dec 19, 2013 Google BUYS Eight MILITARY ROBOTICS Companies SO FAR!

      Robotics companies FUNDED BY the Department Of Defense and the latest one Google bought designs robotics FOR the Department Of Defense. Google is buying up all of these big military robotics companies. GOOGLE HAS JOINED THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!

    • Washington 76
      Dec 21, 2013 Creator of Creepy DARPA Robots Questioned On Military Funding & Google Purchase

      With reportedly over $10 million in funding from the Pentagon, Raibert is asked if his robots will be used by the U.S. military for its perpetual nation-building and aggressive wars.

    • Washington 76
      12.02.14 A Googler’s Quest to Teach Machines How to Understand Emotions

      A digital photo is nothing but numbers, he says, and if you separate the spoken word into individual phonemes, you can translate these into numbers too.

    • sophm0e38
      Despite the collaboration of search engine providers with Google, I use Starpage or Yandex. But this news is just another reason not to use Google.
    • avatar
      "Their stated goal is the elimination of some 30,000 automobile accidents annually, which kill about 33,000 US citizens".

      No, the goal is to make money. Why would they want to save lives? What does that matter to them? After all, I'm sure they are connected in some way with the planned population reduction agenda. Better to make money first.
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