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    Iraqi military planes fly over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during the 94th Army Day parade in central Baghdad on January 6, 2015. Iraq is rebuilding its army to address weaknesses including poor leadership and training that led to Baghdad's forces being swept aside by militants, Defence Minister Khaled al-Obaidi said.

    Iraq Argues It Does Better Job in Anti-Daesh Air War Than Int’l Coalition

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    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)

    The prime minister of Iraq claimed this weekend that the country’s air force does a better job striking Daesh across the country than the whole US-led '60+ nation' coalition.

    The international coalition, led by the United States, carries out just 40 percent of airstrikes against Daesh terrorists in Iraq, while the nation’s armed forces get 60 percent of the job done, Iraqi Prime-Minister Haider al-Abadi claimed on Saturday, according to Reuters.

    However, the country still needs support from other countries to be able to liberate the rest of Iraq from jihadists, the head of the Iraqi government said at a ceremony in Baghdad broadcast on local TV. First and foremost this relates to armaments, training and – nevertheless – air cover, al-Abadi explained.

    ​A Pentagon spokesman praised the Iraqi Armed Forces for their successful operation in Ramadi during a recent press-conference. In contrast, Col. Steve Warren, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman, played up the role played by the US-led coalition airstrikes.

    ​“We’ve continued to increase both the pace and the intensity of airstrikes in Iraq and Syria,” Warren said on Wednesday. “When our airstrikes are coupled with local ground operations, we see ISIL having to react and move around the battlefield, which, in turn, just makes it easier for us to strike them.”

    ​The US State Department approved a sale of 5,000 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles along with 10 training missiles, unspecified related equipment, and services to Iraq on Thursday. The estimated value of the contract is $800 million, the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency wrote in an online statement.

    “The proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security goals of the United States by helping to improve a critical capability of the Iraqi Security Forces in defeating the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL),” the official statement read.

    The Pentagon added $25 million worth of 120 Humvees to be manufactured for Iraq by May, 2016 to an existing contract on Wednesday. Late December, 2015, the US Department of Defense announced $13 million contract for logistical support for the existing fleet of Iraqi Air Force Cessna 208B military aircraft that carry Hellfire missiles.

    Now here is something you don't see every day! An Iraqi Air Force Cessna AC-208 Caravan fires a Hellfire missile during…

    Posté par Aces Flying High sur dimanche 4 octobre 2015

    ​Additional crew training and support for Iraqi M1A1 tanks and M88 recovery vehicles worth $72.5 million will be also funded by the Pentagon, according to a December 17, 2015 release.

    ​Iraqi security forces have recently advanced to the center of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, after the city fell to Daesh militants in May, in Baghdad’s largest defeat against the extremist group.

    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)


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    • Mother Gorilla
      Iraq has certainly done more than Nigeria which is also quite affected by Daesh.
    • avatar
      ...along with 10 training missiles
      Watch for the FedX truck.
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      IF NATO wouldn't had been doing E.U , U.S, U.K bid in operation , helping Wahhabi's none of this problems would be on the tables. People would be living as they were.
      But they went and began supporting and recruiting FSA, and at the end, they were supporting terrorists.
      And is in tapes at E.U sessions. So don't come talking trash, that is not true.
    • Serve it hot ...
      Is anybody able to name the 60+ countries in the US "anti-Daesh" coalition of the willing EXCEPT KSA UK, Qatar, VAE, Bahrain, Jordan and Turkey :)
    • Serve it hot ...
      Is anybody able to name the 60+ countries in the US "anti-Daesh" coalition of the willing EXCEPT KSA UK, Qatar, VAE, Bahrain, Jordan and Turkey :)
    • avatar
      "The Pentagon added $25 million worth (of) 120 Humvees to be manufactured for Iraq." Ukraine has got to be pissed. "HEY! What about us? We've got all their trade-ins!" Yes, and we moved all the odometers back, too. Don't worry about the sawdust in the transmissions either, as you can clean the screens every...oh, 100 miles or so. Be careful to do it, too, as we don't want you stranded anywhere between Kiev and your next night time dirty job. And as always, the "Buyer Beware" warranty comes with every vehicle. Ta, ta!
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      marcanhaltin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Cool!
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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      The prime minister is missing something there. The US is in a coalition with Daesh.
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      If this is true why they do not say get the .... out of here all of you!
    • I have no doubt in his statements.. (Iraqi PM Haider)..!
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      tony pin reply toServe it hot ... (Show commentHide comment)
      Serve it hot ..., That's meant to read 60+ missiles, not nations.
    • avatar
      tony p
      Iraq will soon rid itself of the US.
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