19:36 GMT04 July 2020
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    According to reports by the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 26 servicemen were killed in an airstrike on ammo depots in northern Syria on April 30. No country has claimed responsibility for the strike.

    The Syrian Homs-based online media outlet Zaman al-Wasl has reported, citing unnamed military source, that US-made missiles were used by the Israeli air force in an airstrike that took place on April 30 in northern Syria. According to the source, the same type of missile has been used in previous Israeli strikes against the Arab country.

    On April 30 reports started to surface that ammo depots in Hama and Aleppo were attacked in an air raid by an unknown power. Official Syrian sources haven't named any victims, but the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that 26 servicemen were killed, with many of them allegedly being Iranians. Iran has denied such reports, claiming that none of its military advisers stationed in Syria were killed.

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    The Israeli Defense Forces have refused to comment the allegations that Tel Aviv was behind the attack.

    Relations between Israel and Iran have always been tense, with Tehran not recognizing Israel's right to exist. Israel claims that Iran has military forces in Syria that it intends to use against Israel. Tehran denies the allegations, claiming that it is only sending military advisors to the Arab Republic.

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    The Israeli air force conducted airstrikes against the Syrian T-4 airbase in February and April 2018. Tel Aviv announced that the strikes targeted "Iran's bases in Syria," which Tehran had allegedly been planning to use in order to attack Israel. Both Syria and Iran have slammed the attacks, saying that several Iranian military advisers had been killed in the strike in the beginning of April 2018.


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