01:04 GMT10 August 2020
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    Syrian civilians are using a Russian military police checkpoint in order to deliver food, clothes and building repair materials to their families in the de-escalation zone established in the southwestern Syrian province of Daraa in July.

    DAMASCUS (Sputnik) — One of the checkpoints providing security at the demarcation line in Daraa is located in Deir al-Bakt. There is also a road which leads to the militant-controlled town of Kafer Shams.

    According to the Russian military, more than 1,500 people pass the checkpoint every day. More and more civilians are now coming to help relatives rebuild their damaged houses.

    "We trust the Russians. They guarantee that there will be no more shooting here. We are tired of war. We do not need a lot of time to restore the destroyed houses and to start cultivating the abandoned fields," a local driver said.

    The memorandum on the establishment of the de-escalation zone in the Daraa, Quneitra and As-Suwayda provinces in southwestern Syria, agreed upon by Russia, Jordan and the United States, took effect on July 9. Since then, Russian military police have set up new checkpoints and observation posts throughout the safe zone to ensure that hostilities do not resume.

    Syria has been in the state of civil war for six years, with government forces fighting against both Syrian opposition groups as well as numerous extremist and terrorist groups such as Daesh, banned in Russia.

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