20:38 GMT02 July 2020
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    An exclusive Sputnik video shows the Syrian army practicing military maneuvers in an urban environment.

    Years of battling terrorist groups have honed the skills of the battle-hardened Syrian army, but its commanders are restless in pursuit of improved fighting capabilities.

    They put their soldiers through their paces in the most challenging of conditions, making sure they are properly prepared before facing the enemy.

    A Syrian lieutenant colonel told Sputnik that regular exercises help to strengthen the soldiers' fighting spirit, develop their experience at working together and enable them to better cope with unexpected situations that arise during battle.

    A large part of urban training is dedicated to techniques allowing them to successfully storm buildings in which terrorists are hiding. In urban conditions, this is the most common form of battle with terrorists. 

    The recent success of the army's operations in Aleppo and Homs, including the lack of civilian casualties, is testament to the effectiveness of the army's training.


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