23:08 GMT +324 March 2017
    Syrians walk past a portrait of President Bashar al-Assad in the capital Damascus on March 15, 2016

    President Assad May Be Invited to Arab League Summit Israeli Media

    Middle East
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    Three heads of state are leading an effort to reintegrate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad into the Arab League, five years after he was exiled from the group, according to Israeli military-intelligence news agency DEBKAfile.

    Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sissi, Jordanian King Abdullah II, and Russian President Vladimir Putin are championing the movement, DEBKAfile reported, “whether together or separately.” The leaders “hope to see a historic handshake” and diplomatic reestablishment between Assad and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman. 

    On Saturday, the Egyptian parliament moved to implement a full reinstatement of Assad into the Arab League. The parliament also acted to invite Assad to the highly-anticipated Arab League annual summit, slated to take place on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea on March 29, the Times of Israel reports.

    Earlier in February Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called for Damascus to be included in the bloc, citing potential gains and progress toward negotiated peace and a settlement of the Syrian civil war. 

    One source of tension that could stand in the way of Syria’s reinstatement is Iran’s backing of Assad, the Times of Israel reported, since Iran and Saudi Arabia are sworn rivals. The conflict in Yemen, for example, features Iranian-backed Houthis squaring off against a coalition led by the Saudis. 

    Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two of the Arab League’s 22 member states, have poured resources into groups such as the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a military force that has long sought to topple the Assad administration.

    According to DEBKAfile, US President Barack Obama forecast that Moscow’s involvement in Syria would sink the Russian army into a quagmire. “The Russian leader proved him wrong, and [Putin’s] reputation in the Arab world would soar if he could persuade King Salman to accept Assad’s return to the Arab summit,” the news service reported. 

    US President Donald Trump is not opposed to the arrangement, but his public stance will be determined by Trump’s regional policies, intelligence officials told the Israeli media outlet.

    Sources said Russian military aircraft would escort Assad to and from Amman. Military officers and intelligence operatives from Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria have been traveling around the Middle East to make arrangements for the upcoming summit.


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      Don't believe it! Zio-Debkafile always spreads such rubbish and lies.
    • choticastile
      When President Assad goes to Amman-- I hope he takes his own man with him, to see to his refreshments-- what he drinks and eats-- he should even be intensely aware, of what he touches ... May God stay him. I know Russian security will be on the highest alert, especially when it comes to his air travel.

      God alone knows, not that one is paranoid-- but those who want President Bashar Assad out and Russia too -- have already proven they will stop at nothing.
    • avatar
      Don't go, Assad, as it may very well turn out to be an ambush.
    • avatar
      ...and be the sheep among a wolf pack. What a great idea. The Russian security could not prevent the sudden illness of the late, great Mr. Churkin.

      The can't get you from within, so they will draw you out within their reach.
    • BlueStar
      His Prime Minister can represent him after all. But there seem to be no need to join this group of charlatans. They lost their independence already.
    • avatar
      Haha is this a joke ?
    • avatar
      Probably he is going to be killed by: some kind of poison or by induced bacteria or by a bullet. Don't go ,please.

      Greetings from Mexico
    • Korz53
      Right right, Bashar al-Assad must go! To that assassination meeting for him.
    • avatar
      Send a look alike and pay his family well, just as the americans did with the fake Osama in Pakistan.
    • avatar
      GREAT!! This may become the END of the struggle.
      But Syria should be with Russia at EEU, SCO, CSTO... That ways Syria will FOREVER have the full support and protection of the Rus Gov.
      But PUTIN and TRUMP should talk and TRUMP should seek the end of support for the supposedly MODERATES.
      Until this doesn't end is a LOST CAUSE at GENEVA.
      RIYADH , MANDATING rules for SYRIA.. Since when they KINGS of SYRIA?

      GENEVA could be solve ONLY, IF the SYRIAN PEOPLE TALK.

      IF they were SERIOUS, TRUMP would had stop the U.N BULL HORN , accusing ASSAD of TRASH .
      FRANCE , UK are others. Germany wants involved.

      AND FORGET SAFE ZONES that WILL trigger a WAR.

      Unless, DAMASCUS gets control, is just a division and taking tax resources away from DAMASCUS.
      IF they were serious , THIS would had never started, This was a CLINTON, OBAMA, KERRY. GOLDEN BULL HORN.
      First the invasion of IRAQ, THAT IF Russia would had stepped in, it would had ended FAST.
      And U.S wouldn't had do it. Most victims were women and children. 100's of thousands.

      Perhaps TRUMP doesn't realize that the PLANET is already thinking about a WALL. To contain U.S OUT!! They DO NOT FEAR U.S, and NATO.. THEY HATE with a PASSION, both.

      But Russia MUST work fast and DO. No more talk.
      NO MORE U.S, E.U..

      Want Ukraine solved? End the support from U.S and E.U and NATO.. See how FAST it ends.

      In a week.

      But as long as they keep criminalizing Russia, that as a MAN , a historian dare said at MSM and was DITCHED as collaborator of fake news, He stated, IF Russia army be there as modern as it was then. No Armata, T50 ..No.. He said, they wouldn't last 4 1/2 minutes!!

      Perhapos there is a WAY. BUT Briussels will have to seat with... WELL.. TIP... " Remeber I said we don't need you? ".... PUTIN!!!!!!
      Then they could create a new union. Set it in Ukraine where it will belong to both unions with full access. And BRUSSELS and RUSSIA will have to keep working for years , to make it work.
      NOP NATO, NO U.S, NO anyone. This MAY end the struggle. E Ukraine will begin to work because Russia IS in, Those paid by E.U US NATO will have to step down and new elections start. OR respect the constitution and restore the LEGAL GOV.

      UNTIL then, ONLY Russia been trying. Send decoy planes..To hide him.
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