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    This image posted online on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016, by supporters of the Daesh militant group on an anonymous photo sharing website, purports to show a gun-mounted vehicle operated by the group firing at Syrian troops north of Palmyra city, in Homs, Syria

    Syrian Army Trying to Regain Control of Daesh-Attacked Palmyra - Homs Governor

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    Battle Against Daesh in Syria (153)

    The Syrian Army has moved to the suburbs of Palmyra and is fighting Daesh, the governor of the Homs Province said on Sunday.

    "The Syrian Army is maintaining stiff resistance and is inflicting losses on Daesh gangs," Governor Talal Barazi said on al-Ikhbariyah TV.

    The decision was made in light of the enemy's "superior forces".

    He noted that Daesh was attacking Palmyra on several directions.

    A source has earlier told RIA Novosti Palmyra residents had been evacuated and the Army was fighting against the jihadists in the city suburbs.

    Earlier on Sunday, Russia's center for Syrian reconciliation reported that Daesh managed to move considerable forces from Raqqa to Palmyra after the US-backed offensive of Arab and Kurdish rebels was stalled. More forces and equipment were relocated from the vicinity of Deir ez-Zor.

    "Over 4,000 Daesh terrorists have regrouped <…> to capture Palmyra," the center's statement said.

    Terrorists launched their previous attack on the city on Saturday. Their offensive was thwarted by the actions of the government forces supported by Russian warplanes.

    Despite the defeat, the terrorists were again trying to attack the city from the northern, eastern and southern sides. Their perceived goal is to capture al-Amiriyah town northeast of Palmyra and a nearby industrial area, Syria's SANA news agency said.

    Over the recent months, Daesh has several times tried to oust the government troops from their defense lines. Having amassed considerable forces to the west of Palmyra, the jihadist group sought to seize two oil and gas fields, but all of their attempts have been foiled. The terrorists intensified their attacks on the ancient city over the last week and managed to capture several high grounds in proximity to Palmyra.

    The Syrian Arab Army, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, liberated Palmyra in March, 2016, nearly a year after it was captured by Daesh, which is outlawed in Russia, in May 2015. During the invasion, the militants destroyed a number of ancient objects, including necropolis, the Arch of Triumph, as well as the temples of Baal Shamin and Bel.

    Battle Against Daesh in Syria (153)


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      Half measures do not work; Russia should use WMD on these barbaric animals.
    • Gary F.
      Whatever is happening there, what is remarkable is the silence of words about this and other events down there. This recent UN session about the media coverage from Syria will maybe highlight some relevant issues www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebE3GJfGhfA
    • Hermes
      Those who are outside of the city are toast so the terrorists desperately try to fight themselves a way in. That probably explains these desperate attacks. They've got nowhere left to run. You can be sure Russia will keep on pounding them and the number of 4000 will shrink dramatically in the near future.
    • P.Jordan
      Seems that you do not understand the strategy why the Syrian Army allowed ISIS terrorist to enter suburbs of Palmyra. It is easier to liquidate them all while sitting squeeze on one place that running behind them. Russians are the perfect strategist, it is like a chess. Two steps in front of the opponent. The play is soon over. Pure Noble Price Winner, born to loose.
    • avatar
      A lot of misinformation flying around another source quoted Daesh saying there defeat was the fault of Russian interference that wont be tolerated and that Godzilla was unleashed on them unexpectedly? meaning a horde of Russian helicopters which I presume they thought were grounded because of a mass of sophisticated anti aircraft hand held missiles in Daesh hands??
      The attack was formed by 5000 terrorists that fled Mosul against a defence militia of mainly older men who did there best against suicide brigades this was a crafted and desperate attempt to capture the population of Palmyra to use as a bargaining tool for soon to be captured terrorists and there International advisors in a tiny pocket of East Aleppo.
    • avatar
      I would think the situation will be a lot clearer in the morning to what the true situation might be.
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      anne00mariein reply toP.Jordan(Show commentHide comment)
      P.Jordan, That is what I am hoping for. Entice them into a cauldron and before they know it, out go 4,000 ISIS Forces, incapable of fighting another day.

      None of it made sense, Lynsey Graham having a hissy fit, because his ISIS buddies took a massive hit, described as the Russian version of Godzilla. Then a few hours later, 4,000 ISIS Forces suddenly turn up (hidden tunnels?) and ISIS are back in control. Syria is allegedly fighting on their own, the civilians were evacuated and hopefully, another instalment will be coming soon.
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