22:36 GMT +324 February 2017
    Forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad flash victory signs and carry a Syrian national flag on the edge of the historic city of Palmyra in Homs Governorate, in this handout picture provided by SANA on March 26, 2016.

    Triumph! Syrian Army Completely Liberates Palmyra From Daesh

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    Middle East
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    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)

    The Syrian Army and popular defense forces, supported by Russian warplanes, have successfully ended the operation to liberate Palmyra from Daesh terrorists, the SANA news agency reported on Sunday.

    "After heavy fighting during the night, the army is in full control of Palmyra — both the ancient site and the residential neighbourhoods," a military source told AFP.

    The Army and People's Defense Forces are chasing the rest of Daesh militants who left Palmyra retreating to Raqqa, Deir Ez-Zor and Sukhnah. According to a military source cited by Al-Masdar News, the terrorists lost hundreds of fighters and weapons during the battle for Palmyra.

    ​It was reported earlier that the Syrian Army had advanced into Palmyra with the support from the Russian Aerospace Forces.

    "Army sappers are in the process of defusing dozens of bombs and mines planted inside the ancient site," the source added.

    The Syrian Army's offensive on the city of Palmyra to recapture it from Daesh began on Thursday.

    Palmyra, located 210 kilometers away from Damascus, is considered key for advancing to the Daesh stronghold of Raqqa in eastern Syria.

    The town of Palmyra and its historic ruins had been under Daesh control since May 2015. The jihadist group, which is outlawed in many countries, including Russia and the United States, has since destroyed part of the historic sites, which are a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

    The terrorist group used the historic city's ancient amphitheatre for public executions, including the beheading of Palmyra's 82-year-old antiquities chief.

    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)


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      The end is near for Daesh in Syria.
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      teddy j
      I AM NOT SYRIAN --

      but i makes mE shed tears to honor the brave and perseversing soldiers of the syrian army and popular defense forces..and the syrian people

      MAY YOU SOON HAVE THE PEACE to rebuild your great and beautiful country with all your people together again!

      syria -- with the help of your russian friends

      are worthy of the HIGHEST PRAISE and honor from all the peoples of the world.

      the syrian [people and army have endured unbelievable suffering and cruelty from the terrorists and bad people SENT BY THE USA WHO MASTERMINDED all of this for ''regime change " to add yet another country as a SLAVE to american empire.

      but the syrian army persevered in loyalty to your country and people and your legitimate government and leader -- President Assad.

      and such perseverance is BEYOND WORDS to describe and to admire.

      ALL GOOD FORTUNE TO THE SOLDIERS - THEIR FAMILIES and loved ones and their people and country -- SYRIA.
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      teddy j

      HOW TRUE.

      the soldiers and =fighters of the syrian army and popular defense --

      are TRUE heroes -- they DEFEND their country from bad people who wanted to destroy syria.

      it is that simple.

      I HOPE THOSE of them tht still have much to do - including defusing the bombs left behind by the terrorists are kept safe so they can eventually , soon, go home to their families and friends and communities and rebuild syria to greater prosperity and a beautiful , peaceful future among neighbors and nations ..............

      and ALWAYS to be remembered as the great people that they are.

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      What a massive embarrassment for the US Government.All along they've paid lip service and stirring up trouble in Syria so their Military Industrial Complex companies can continue to profit from war in the middle east.
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      +++Death to terrorism.....Long Live Russia........Long Live the Brave and Fallen Heroic Soldiers The Defenders of the Holy Russian Motherland......Honor to the Angelic Su-24.........Honor to the Fallen Spec Ops Angel of Gods Army of Russia +++
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      Congratulations to the great country Syria and its incredibly brave soldiers and civilian defenders who took up arms and risked their lives to protect their country and people . I salute you and big respect to you all . Ofcourse it wouldnt have been possible without Russia and its glorious and brave soldiers and airmen , many thanks to Mr. Putin who cleverly outmaneuvered the the terrorist supporting countries and their evil leaders , thank you mrZ. Putin for sticking to your friend and allies in Syria . This is a deciding victory and opens up the road to Raqqa the capital of isis , God willing soon they will be crushed there too and Syria finally cleansed of this cancer that ailed Syria for years .
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      My comment would be "why have they escaped to other fronts"..If they have left ther protection of the city and its residents why are they not completely wiped out as the run over open ground. This seems like a big mistake letting them bolster the support in the next town / city. One or two perhaps may be able to hide but not groups. seems the Russian technology is not up to "behind the lines" superiority. Surely it would be better if only a couple of daesh with their pants full of shit made it to the next point to instil fear into the daesh in each town
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      Finally!! A war worth winning and talking about to even my children. And "Thanks!" Russia for saving America's image by extolling their virtues that are no longer easily read, up front and personal, when it comes to Washington. Syria; DON'T let Hollywood or BBC make a movie of Palmyra as it will only dilute the results.
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      marcanhaltin reply totonyw247(Show commentHide comment)
      tonyw247, It's obvious you have never been to war. They are never like the movies.
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      but the movies are important too. if you win militarily and don't care about the movies, later you will lose what you first won.
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      Congratulations, and all the best to the Russians and the Syrians and everyone else that fought a great battle to clear the sub-human trash out of this historic city.
      Your victory is our victory. May Syria become a beacon of stability and progess in the Middle East.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      Well done!
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      ivanwa88, well said, perfect words. The world must know of this victory, I will make sure that my children and grand-children her about this event . The heroic Syrian army, their heroic supporters and friends, have already made History.
      May God help them a little more to free the Syrians' homeland completely. The NWO has no say in that beautiful country, the hour is grave, we are with you Syria, and with Russia. To all families in Syria, right now, we rejoice, we thank God once more.
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      Congratulations to heroic people of Syria and their real friends.
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      tonyw247in reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, No Never... and hope I never have to. However I am quite old and lived through all these wars in some form or other..The one common denominator is that it is politicians who make them and declare them. The poor souls who have to go out and defend these "politicians" who are sitting at home in relative safety. As a common worker after many instances and examples I think it wise to arm the pollies and throw them into the fray first and formost..they do a piss poor job of running a country so not really a loss ..perhaps better that way
    • choticastile
      Brilliant! Here's to Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Arab Army. Tickles me to the toes and makes the heart beat custard and cream! Such bravery and united and perfectly coordinated action leaves one quite breathless with joy indeed! Shatters the criticism of those who dared say the Russian Federation had left Syria in the lurch, when such an action is completely alien to Russians ....!!

      Viva Russia!
    • choticastilein reply toAthanasios(Show commentHide comment)
      Athanasios, Το ακούω! Το ακούω!
    • choticastile
      ivanwa88, Beautifully said Ivanwa!! -- Just like the Crimea, Syria too now at last will have the chance to flourish as a truly united and sovereign nation! I was reading a piece about Bashar Al Assad yesterday and how how he had grown in his personal capacity as a human being, when threat of the loss of Syria stared this brave nation in the face. Really, this reads like a modern fairy story -- but a true fairy story.

      God alone knows, as tenacious and fearless as the SAA is, they could not have survived the onslaught of the Satan's arraigned against them and if Russia had not arrived when she did to throw her solid and incredibly advanced air support behind Syria, the mere thought of what could have happened, makes one shudder!
    • choticastilein reply towolfmessing(Show commentHide comment)
      wolfmessing, A deep and resounding "Encore!" to that my friend!
    • Storm 95 in Croatia the biggest genocide on Serbian people after ww2in reply tojj42(Show commentHide comment)
      The end of US & Israeli army ISIS /Daesh etc.
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