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    Residents who said they have received permission from the Syrian government to leave the besieged town wait with their belongings after an aid convoy entered Madaya, Syria, January 14, 2016.

    Dreadful Premonition: Is ‘US Plan B on Syria a WWIII'?

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    Middle East
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    The UN has delayed the start of the Syria peace talks by two days. Negotiations between the Syrian government and the opposition will start on March 9.

    The UN special envoy to Syria said the move is needed to allow the cessation of hostilities to take hold and ensure that the sides won’t turn their meeting into discussion of truce violations.

    Earlier, UN head Ban Ki-moon said that the Syrian ceasefire is holding by and large, despite some sporadic fighting and reciprocal accusations of truce breaches.

    Under the Russia-US sponsored deal all parties to the conflict halt hostilities for one week. However the agreement does not include terrorist organizations, such Daesh and al-Nusra Front.

    Gilbert Doctorow, Founder and the European director of the American Committee on East West Accord, spoke to Sputnik in an exclusive interview saying that UN’s decision to postpone peace talks is a reasonable move.

    “The diplomatic process done largely behind closed doors where it has always been done successfully rather than with bull horns across the public arena to score points or to sabotage what has been achieved. What we heard today was a return to diplomacy as it was always practiced.”

    Doctorow further spoke about how today there is mostly propaganda, war of words and ‘instrumentalized’ news announcements to destroy any peace process.

    “The US and Russia agreed that violations or alleged violations of the ceasefire will be discussed by them quietly and not in the glare of the media.” Talking about what will happen in two days according to the analyst, “We have to see, we have to wait for them to tell us what it is that has hampered the timely start to the conference which as we know should have been on the 7 February.”

    Speaking about Plan B and what it means exactly, Doctorow said that according to him, “The backup plan is World War III. This Plan B has been substantially discussed in Russian media far more comprehensively than in the West. I mean in the Russian talk shows, where people discuss these political issues and understand what it means.”

    The analyst further stressed the importance of the ceasefire and how there should be no speculation about Plan B because according to the analyst this draws people back from stark reality.

    “The reality being that if this ceasefire fails, it will result in an all-out war of proxies that could very easily turn into an all-out war of principles which is the nuclear war,” Doctorow said.

    He further spoke about how the US public, including the media, has largely been misled and allowed to fall into delusion.


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    • Randall Lee Hilburnin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, The Jewish way of thinking has been picked up by Americans and applied to themselves. This stems from the influence of a peculiarly American strain of what is sometimes called British-Israelism. The Americans have become "God's Chosen People" alongside the Jews and the English. Israel drives US policies threw the power of their money and threw the influence of such religious ideas.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn,

      History has proved to be an unstoppable 'leveller' of hubris.
    • Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, Yes that is correct. That's what your comment reminded me of. He taught at a university close to where I live and I actually saw him at one of their graduation ceremonies. He won all kinds of awards for his "discovery" about how the human mind "actually works". Yes, his influence on high levels in the US is enormous.
    • Randall Lee Hilburnin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, Yes, it always catches up to people in the end.
    • Truth Hunter
      Well at least a major battle could happen, a compromise of sorts between WW3 and political bantering.
      The Bible mentions the Damascus will be in ruins, that will be fulfilled, and the recent events could be the steps leading to that event.
      For those that will ask me for the scripture... read the Old Testament book of Isaiah, chapter 17, verse 1....... 17:1
    • ivanwa88
      To say one thing one day and the complete opposite the next is just simply 'A litany of lies' when one does not ever deliver the truth the truth becomes a mirage.
    • ivanwa88
      Personally I don't believe US is keen to engage in a nuclear war for the simple fact Russia's is much further advanced in missile and defence shield technologies.

      That said US has positioned itself in the strongest possible position to engage Russia in a conventional war. Never in history did US have such a strong position to attack. However with Russia's surprising advancements in military technology that window is closing rapidly, by 2020-2026 it will be closed permanently.
      Based simply on operational numbers, Russia has the superior weaponry but US have superior numbers particularly planes.

      By 2020+ that numerical advantage will have reduced dramatically! plus it is unlikely that the missile bases on Russia's borders will still be there by that time? Peacefully or otherwise!
    • ivanwa88
      I should have gone on to explain that US intends to have 2000 F-35 in operation by then! personally I don't believe it will happen?

      Russia is also developing generation 6 & 7 fighters with an increasing emphasis on the ability to seek and target multiple craft at long range and destroy those targets simultaneously. Therefore having many more planes as against fewer superior craft is not going to be a dominant factor in modern warfare:- just my opinion.
    • ariavd
      Just think. Hillary decleare war ti protect Us mafia , and putin invade the us on their own soil. What support do the us recive, and what with the russians??
    • The one Who knows
      Oil price is so low they will try to stir up something - conflict in Syria is cooking up for particular reason of Saudi vs Shale gas (and to kill shale gas) and USA vs Russia making their budget suffer (just like USSR was killed with 'Star Wars' programme). China is using this cheap oil but has problems on their own (stock exchange and South-China sea).
    • choticastilein reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, Off topic -- just read that Syria has/had a total black out. Have you heard anything about it? www.thedailysheeple.com/nationwide-blackout-all-the-power-in-syria-just-went-out_032016
    • Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, This is the first I've heard of it. Not a word about it in the US mainstream media. The silence is itself highly suggestive. Are the Russians in Syria dependent on the Syrian power grid? If so, then my guess would be that the US is warning them of just what they're capable of. In a word, an act of intimidation. It could also be a cover for some sort of Black Op the US and their allies are running in Syria. Or it could be preparation for a major offensive in and around Syria. The only prosaic explanation I can come up with is Sunspot activity. An EMP burst from one has been known to produce such effects. That would not necessarily be known quickly.
    • choticastilein reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, Exactly, therein lies the rub -- the crux of it all! -- Zionist Israel is the US shad gov... if you follow my drift -- the Zio bankster gangsters pulling most of the world's strings.
    • choticastilein reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, I think the Russkies are organized to evaporation -- Aware of sabotage -- generate their own power for sure. But as you say, the bstds are up to no good, as their desperation is patently obvious, so lowest deeds always to be expected from such low lives!
    • choticastilein reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, Randall just a quick one -- Think you'll find this interesting to read:-
    • maxxus
      Ha, ha, ha. NATO/US/Israel are at their Sun Tzu Art of War memes again. There's no chance of WWIII, they are crazy but like a fox. It's a bluff to scare Russia, war by bluff. Unfortunately it worked in the Ukraine.

      On Plan B, it's really the west's Plan A. They only pretend to negotiate, their aims never change.
    • Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, That was outstanding! Thank you very much for the link.
    • choticastilein reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, My pleasure dear friend... go well battle scarred and wise one..
    • Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, I am sort of 2nd generation at this sort of thing. I owe a lot of what I am able to do to my fathers influence.
    • choticastilein reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, Yes, a good father makes gold appear as a base metal only. One is truly blessed growing up under the guiding hand of loving parents, as even when they depart, their wisdom remains with us, until we too breathe our last.
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