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    Turkish Army vehicles and tanks wait near the Syrian border in Suruc on February 23, 2015

    Why 'Prospect of Turkish Military Invasion in Syria is Very High’

    Middle East
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    Senior Fellow at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies Boris Dolgov told Radio Sputnik that the prospect of Turkey's military invasion in Syria is "very high."

    The current activity at the Turkish-Syrian border suggests that Turkey is preparing to invade Syria, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Thursday.

    For its part, the Saudi Arabian authorities have declared readiness to take part in a ground operation in Syria. According to the Minister of Defense of the Kingdom Advisor Gen. Ahmed Asiri, in the Syrian territory, the Saudi military will fight only with Daesh.

    Senior Fellow at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies Boris Dolgov told Radio Sputnik that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have always supported radical Islamists in Syria who are fighting in the Syrian territory against the government army and President Bashar Assad.

    “Their goal is to bring to power Sunni forces in Syria. This aim remains in politics of Saudi Arabia and Turkey. In addition, Turkey has an aim of annexing the territory in Syria, home to the Turkmen, which was a part of the Ottoman Empire once.”

    Dolgov further said, “There is also the financial interests of Turkey which is the oil business captured by Daesh. This is also the reason as to why the Turkish leadership right now is supporting radical Islamists,” the expert told Sputnik.

    Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry provided the international community with irrefutable video evidence of Turkish self-propelled artillery units shelling Syrian settlements in the northern part of Latakia province.

    Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov pointed out that the Russian Defense Ministry has intensified all types of surveillance activity in the Middle East.

    “So if someone in Ankara thinks that cancelling a Russian observation flight would help conceal something, that is just the mark of an amateur,” Konashenkov said.

    Boris Dolgov stressing this point said that, “I believe that Turkey's likelihood of military intervention in Syria is very high. The Turkish leadership has long been saying that the Turkish troops need to protect Syrian civilians. Added to this statement there are allegations suggesting that Russia has bombed civilian objects, which is absolute nonsense. But it can be a pretext for an invasion,” the expert concluded.


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    • FlorianGeyer
      There are reports that Turkey has closed its borders to refugees. Whilst that prevents some of the terrorists from attack it also hinders Turkish attacks. Unless of course Turkish troops plough through the columns of refugees and attempt to blame Russia for the carnage. However in the age of instant communications by ordinary citizens the mass murder of refugees by Turkey would be difficult to conceal.
      These are dangerous times, especially when Erdogan is maddened by his own hubris.
    • Drain the swamp
      The Russian satellites overhead can probably tel erdog the number of layers of pastry in his baklava. Without air cover a dedicated force on the ground can put a stop to any tank invasion as the yids found out in 2006, and the koronets and verbas are vastly improved since. The Iskander umbrella just landed on the Antonovs, if if this odd ottoman/saudi couple has any intentions. Any entry from Jordan is just outright war (there is no ISIS ther) with Russia and the saud oil infrastructure will be gone in two hours, the Caspian cruise missiles are ready and primed. Al-Ghamdy the major tribe in the saud army and numbering 4m out of a 28m population, might even topple 2,000 or so saud prince officers and take over the land.
    • avatar
      If Turkish troops enter Syria without permission then accidents can happen. What distinguishes Isis troops from Turkish, both shouldn't be there. Blow them up.
    • siberianhuskyin reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here,
      Only thing that is missing the Russians haven't send yet to get battle test is the amazing T-14 Armata. I hope that they are on their way to Syria.

      Let's see how inferior the American M1 is when it is up against a Armata.
    • klod.infobeez
      Seems to be more noise and posture than actual prep...

      They will do more and more provocations to try to bait Russia but VVP is certainly not such a young fish.

      They can invade a few kilometers and, then, freedom side has just to give the appropriate gear to the Kurds and they will harrass the Ottoman in attrition.

      1- Herr -the Gollum- Dogan is mad enough for a full attack,
      2- He got enough high-ranking officers with him for the party,
      he could be let loose for a few dozen of kilometers, for everybody to see that he is the agressor. Then hell will open the gates.

      The air force already in Syria has the means, not to win, but to make a carnage of his old planes. The navy will help. The AAA in Armenia will join (the S-300 can obliterate anything what flies closer than 250 km ; the S-400 -- 400 km).

      Besides, the navy (Med. sea, Black sea and Caspian sea) and the Strategic Air Force will crush the military infrastructure, the forces concentrations, the navy ships and a few very important assets like, may be, the bridges on the Bosphorus, the energy nodes and lines, the strategic plants...

      We could even think about a liberation of Constantinople. And, of course, of Cyprus. ;)

      Let alone the fact that Iran could open a second front...

      What would NATO do ? Choose to be anihilated in a nuke confrontation just to save the dirty ass of a mad dictator ? Guess...

      Let's just hope that the Turks will have the opportunity to "Morsi him" before it's too late for their country.

      And, by the way, the real reason for the deployement could be to stop the Daeshists fleeing away and coming home to roost...
    • klod.infobeezin reply tosiberianhusky(Show commentHide comment)
      siberianhusky, well, the armata is not yet ready for combat missions... there's not enough.
    • avatar
      I have that fear:
      that Russia cannot bring that war in Syria to an end.
      Even though V. Putin said this action is time limited.
      The problem will be, those neighbor countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia
      have an interest to make that conflict to a nonending, infinite one.

      The only solution I can see is a regime change in Saudi Arabia which would have political changes in many other now Sunni governed countries. And that should be easily possible, but who knows to what it yields?
    • Is it because I am black?in reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, latest news is that they let some through the border again. But the point is that Turkey is helping the terrorists escape Russian bombings, and certainly not fighting Islamism.
    • Is it because I am black?in reply tocmat.wolfgang(Show commentHide comment)
      cmat.wolfgang, exactly, that is the point, a couple of hundred here, a couple of hundred there, there seems to be no end to it.
      And I would even doubt that the Saudi Crapdom is so easy to topple, the US will hold on this corrupt bunch til the very end.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toA = π r 2(Show commentHide comment)
      ultravi01et, thanks for the link, I'll watch for more pieces by Korybko. :)
    • avatar
      IronForge Here:

      Just registered; but looks like my Browser/Session got hacked; and they changed/eliminated my screenname.
      This was no Civil War to oust Mr. Assad - it was a War to subjugate SYR from the very beginning.

      I understand that KSA are about to send Ground Troops to SYR against its wishes as well.

      Looks like the Anti-SYR Coalition can pull off a North/South Pincer simultaneously with TRK invading from the North, while KSA invades from the South (via the Western IRQ and Southern SYR - which are partially taken by ISIL).

      Via western IRQ, KSA invading SYR has a straight shot into Damascus - the whole trip could take approx 30-45 Minutes by Passenger Jet. Since RUS doesn't have its forces surrounding Damascus, it looks like KSA can make for a massive Surge into Damascus with most of its Armed Forces.

      If KSA wants SYR down, Mr. Assad Out, their Pipelines laid in SYRian Territory, or even taking over SYRian/IRQi/ISIL Land for itself, it's in a Opportune Vantage Point to do so - especially if TRK provides a Surge from the North. Both Forces Surging simultaneously would require Surge/Escalation Maneuvers from IRN and RUS, since the "Pincer Effect" may have the potential to leverage remaining ISIL-held Territories and and cut off Land Supply Routes.

      Be careful, Russia.
    • avatar
      rgrag1245in reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, anyone who shouldn't be there has ten minutes to get out.

      plus, a lot of new technology needs to be tested under actual field conditions. And, Turks studying in the US really don't want to go home anyhow.
    • Ivan Buckeye
      Saudis and Turks can now claim that troops are being deployed onto Syrian soil to help in the fight against ISIL. Tricky. That adds to the hyper-complex maneuvering that has been unfolding in the middle east, in particular, Syria. Too many levels and match-ups between groups. Russia and Syria have focused their goals and that's what is needed. Stick to the goals and I suppose that's all that is needed to defeat a constantly morphing enemy and strategy.
    • avatar
      I wonder IF or when someone is going to draw a line in the sand with Turkey? The Iraqis are still talking about it, the American's can't or won't, the Syrians have more to gain and the Russians are the wild card.
    • avatar
      vendorin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, before the line with Turkish blood is painted onto the Syrian sand they need to invade.
    • avatar
      marcanhaltin reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, The line has to be drawn before ANY blood is spilled. Spilled blood is always a reason for a call to arms. You do not want a national reason to defend what is not defensible nor has to be defended in you do not cross that line. Obviously, you have never played chicken when nose to nose with a bully and you are both seeing how close you can come to their foot by throwing a knife into the ground...
    • avatar
      vendorin reply to(Show commentHide comment)
      , I almost agree with you on the strategy that Turkey and KSA are looking to explore but I do not think that KSA will go that far to attack Damascus. My bet is that both of the invading forces will occupy ISIS held territory. If they were to attack Damascus there is 100% chance that Iran would send their ground troops in large numbers and the Russians would attack KSA. They (KSA) would not dare to go that far.. An invasion via Iraq is most likely. It also depends very much on EU whether they will agree to support the USA via NATO or not.

      The invasion would be eliminated as a possibility immediately if Russia were to stun the world by attacking Raqqa with 2 -3 dozens of FOABs. Flatten Raqqa and end the war.
    • avatar
      vendorin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, it is not happening.There are too many victors in waiting but there can be only one side not all three. Think about it as if the war ended now - who would be happy to walk away with what?
    • avatar
      Well Russia, Iran, China...if Turkey attacks Syria, are you going in?
    • avatar
      I can speak unsensibly at length.. however this i will keep sensible.

      Over the Horizon Monitoring/Tracking/Lock-on Technologies...
      Over the Horizon Munitions & Stealth Delivery & Air Burst Capabilities & Ground Penetrating/Armor Penetrating.

      Mountain passes + Columns of Advance...

      However remember always those.. *planners* who.. Plan.. and than *push* the right people in the right places... as the response so long with held has been done so rightly as they plan it have so many models for it.. but also remember they continue to shift there models of using and pushing.. the horizon of experience we all meet.
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